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2/25 economics ground zero - new york from jan 2008
9/25 Yunus10000 dialogue - listening to youth alumni of end poverty
4/25 - health social business month - primetime december 08
3 Primary E-debate 08 - solar produces thriving carbon negative economies
1 Entrepreneur debate of yunus10000 goodnews 1/25
Future Capitalism - Beyond The Grind of Anallysis by Daily News
desperately seeking oxford union debates
ER's 10 Green Bottles
Centres of Entrepreneurial Revolution est. 1976
ER's Top 10 ways to network old
Microsummit old version -archive
ERCP1 universities that value students lifetime productivity
world ending
Chapter 0 Losing Economics by Forgeting Keynes Lifes Work
private -rehearsals of model for top producing youth5000 economy

queries welcome twitter linkedin Washington DC

league table of most valuable curricula freeing sustainability generation

1) english and chinese as second language  ( in spite of brexit and trump world youth still need knowlegde stored or coded in english)

2) 17 sustainability goals of girl empowerment with first search led by sir fazle abed of brac

3) all the mapping of how can every small enterprise be linked into trade that is belt road- and what huge innovation networks do we now need students to connect eg green bib bang- which 2000 place governors want to unite race to zero carbon economies

4 everything that jack ma (and which ever tech wizards app his dreams of global markets where small enterprises flourish) knows how to big data small platform 

------------------- to add to survey rsvp our family started above survey when man landed on mon in 1969 thanks to grandad at The Economist

Monday, July 24, 2017

diary of global girls health

7/23/17 jim kim linkedin  - discuss - eg Sir Fazle Abed connects girls ultra important youth economy of the sustainability generation - hope that Jim Kim team  connect this with education commission, jack ma's big data small curricula at UNCTAD, Guterres and Jinping's inspiring global 2.0,  as well as world development report on education in time for girl empowerment to be the number 1 innovation stage at Argentina G20 summer 2018 in line with the POP models of Franciscans and last mile health networks, next phase of bkash as blockchain platforms become integral to transparent intergenerational sustainability. For multilateral assistance to be great (let alone peaceful and safe) for girls again, we need to get beyond meetings that PR aid and distribute action learning bottom-up. These next 3.5 years of should be youth's most exciting times in regaining sustainability for all our futures. Instead there is not one us university or media reporter that shares what sir fazle has  innovated with youth in spite of his knowhow being critical to deepest sustainability solutions.  BRACnet While my family (co-publisher )   friend of Dr Yunus   please value Sir Fazle's knowhow  as #1 in open learning campus empowering girls lives

2016 jim kim visits bkash
2016 jim kim boirthday telegram to sir fazle
related reference global health for poorest - melinda gates interview cgtn tian wei 7/25 -philanthropies representing only about 1% of economy can only test- they then need partnersto scale -- but more

world knowledge centres of health for poorest bangladesh brac (since 1972) first to scale rural natioin oral rehydration late 1970s adopted by unicef then leader commerorated at brac univesrityjames grant public school of health- PIH:. boston and haiti since 1984, cuba, russian prisons sponsotred by geoirge soros, rwanda (2008?) special last mile health challenges eg end ebola -alse china barefoot doctors - if we are going to  spend 1000 times more on learning commns tech - univesrfal affordable healthcare will be key sector to track (The Economist 1984)  

during his first year at world bank jim kim transitioned his life experience asking all young professionals to intervene in value chains the same way parthners in health had -
dear kathy 10 years into publishing journals etc started with muhammad yunus has led my english and chinese speaking friends of women empowerment to value ideas of alumni of sir fazle abed at brac, and of china's radical leaders of Youth Economies; the opportunities of 2017-2018 are unlike any i have ever seen; picking a top 3 youth economies is a continuing survey but here are prelim results

should you or friends want to meet or see further details please say

Youth Economy( YE1.17) GREEN BIG BANG CLUB 
Sustainability summits chaired by china's xi jinping have led directly to Korea founding green big bang club for 2000 place governors determined to benchmark how to race to carbon zero; last month I was in Korea at the annual governors meeting of the green asian infrastructure investment bank attended by delegations from 80 nations- the reasons why Korea will make a hi-trust hosts of green big bang club became clear - obviously i would like to make sure that any green networks of bcorps maximise connectivity with green big bang club especially as the chinese graduate i have worked longest with comes from changsha the hometown of  Zhang Yue

YE2.17 Sir Fazle Abed's Ultra Girl Empowerment Collaboration Networks
While China is truly committed to sustainability goals it doesnt have the solutions experience that assembled around the life works of Sir Fazle Abed at BRAC and bkash- girl empowerment solutions in places with zero infrastructure is not China's forte ; xi jinping starts the second 5 years of his mission to rejuvenate china and all global youth 2.0 this summer; Dc's Brookings has the number 1 English-speaking scholar on Xi's next 5 year diary; India is scheduled to be absolutely critical to Xi Jinping during class year of 2018-2019 but maximising china's knowledge of Sir Fazle Abed's work cant come soon enough especially as it has the  same anthropological and value origins as jim kim and pope francis and the g20 argentina summer 2018 is the one scheduled event on the world stage to ensure the most ultra solutions to ending poverty and lost sustainability are included in all world leaders awareness. In a world where english speaking youth have been sidelined by trump and brexit, Britain's Lord Stern is pulling out all the stops to maximise British testimonies to investments in BRAC and those aspects of culture that queen and commonwealth have a tacit contribution to make

YE3.17 Jack Ma predicts that Big Data Small Platforms will enter the world's top 5 economies by 2021
That big data small coders win out over big data big coders is sustainability critical- getting blockchain apps right for sustaining communities and life-shaping social sectors is a once in a lifetime opportunity; more generally we need teachers of 5th graders to know whats at stake as we map back all the technologies of 4th industrial revolution which could be designed to be jobs enriching but in the west are still being mainly designed big brother way round

sincerely chris macrae
a note on youth economies; keynes life work concluded that economists were youth's greatest enemy except where these designed intergenerational system to exponentially improve youth livelihoods out of every community and end poverty - even as the world makes a lot of noise about sustainability goals, the biggest 100 economies (two thirds being big corporates) are far away from empowering youth sustainability- we invite everyone to vote on youth economies 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

here's mine -somewhere lurking in columbia is the us epicentre of my dads friends george soros  George Soros: Why We Need To Rethink Economics

soros billionaire pursuits include open society and ineteconomics as well as gorbachevs nobel peace laureate and green summits oordinated out of rome - try and search out who's columbia soros who

1 soros rethink economics from ground up - further refhttp://inetworkeconomics.orgOpen Society Foundations BUT keep away from social activists with no ability to discuss win-win trading maps  - seek out phelps nobel laureate of mass flourishing and ying lowrey's mentoir of how to netiork 

open space facilitation is absolutely critical inside columbia university let alone all of new york or baltimore

therefore meet up with harrison owen before classes and student union societies start

discuss war and peace slide attached- harrison alumni have deepest and most diverse cultural knowledge track of that of anyone west of Glasgow or north of rome  

#theeconomist 2021= global2.0 peak jinping rejuvenation china & 50th year macrae's future history's sustainability 

the one slide attached is as clear as i can get to half a century of mindsets of NW that need mediating faster than you can say dear donald

i dont claim to understand south and east though believe summits hosted by jinping and jack ma inviting national delegations from everywhere are the best fast learning spaces under 30s can get in the non-open space world; why any university is still in non-open space world is both a social and economic question that may yet define whether millennials are ever sustainable in all hemispheres let alone whether donalds presidency magically transmutes into a peaceful green and healthy one - thats amy's peers job- wish her good luck and confucian speed

Larry Brilliant on how Aravind -the social business collaboration  of irradicating needless blindness - was as smart in microfranchising as Mcdonalds, and more effective in training eye nurses than any health education process we have searched
Million Youth energy course starts Jan 2014: Energy is 10% of US ec...; we are burning fossil fuel million times faster than nature can create it; we can either learn while we burn or after we burn
0 Harvey Fineberg Institute of Medicine: one of the great challenges in public health is to take a program that you've shown to succeed in one community and to scale up to whole country; BRAC shows how it's possible; they franchise they replicate; they use in effect the same structure that the mcdonald's use on hamburgers instead they're saving people's lives
412 year old asks Maryland and DC schooling system to ask dr yunusto change the wrong definition of entrepreneur that 3rd graders are force-fed in social studies curriculum
Obama asks American people to free himto change the broken systems of banking, healthcare, education and energy
6 The Economist boardroom remembrance party to Norman Macrae questions what has mass media for... in the first one and two third centuries of trying to mediate an end to hunger
Dr Yunus asks will Bill Gates ever wholly get bottom-up collaboration capitalism
10 moocyunus yes we can if we start linking in free universities first - starting with south Africa's Free U

11 where did education by over-examination orginate from, and will we free 21st C youth from this?  - tracking microeducation summits that could
13 do you support maker camp?  - related search for makerfaire

sunday kim meets sir fazle in dc Jim Kim on LinkedIn: "It was wonderful to take…

sir fazle has always been the deepest living curriculum of girls empowerment, the one that most lives up to the 1960s ideology of latin america that i know of as preferential option poor on which all kims work was based on too

china (see guterres testimony attached) will do a lot of good things for sustainability generation and SME livelihoods but it doesnt go as ultra as sir fazle's experience of how women lift up half the sky

the g20 in argentina (july 2018 but whose research is now led out of buenos aires and is core to class of 2017-18) is where sir fazle's knowledge needs to collide both with the world leader debates of xi jinping and the tech capabilities of jack ma, and the values/hopes of franciscans - its really the only worldwide stage latin america has during these climactic times of americas dominated by random moves of trump and the east connected ever more sensibly by china's global 2.0

I was in korea last month where 80 national delegations concerned with green infrastructure investment banking listened to gaps in world bank and ifc structures including testimony from recent head of IFC; i do not believe that jim kim on his own can make the connections that the oas, the iadb, blum could now help make - thats if you want the deepest of girls empowerment and the smartest of technology redeisgning girls livelihoods however small their enterprises, however disconnected much latin american trade routes still are

cheng li at brookings in dc is the most knowledgeable person in usa other than kissinger on the goals and diaries of xi jinping- he repeatedly says jinping wants to know the right way to meet pope francis to understand whether franciscan and confucian cultures can bridge each other while english-language ones due to manic media have temporarily lost their way; our youth ambassadors at vatican university want to help but dont know how

should we meet?.. apologies if my pleas seem repetitive- they are based on 10 years, 40 meetings with yunus 11 in bangladesh, several hours of briefing by sir fazle , 7 visits to china in last year thanks to indomitable young chinese spirits led by amy and her friends at Tsinghua University- so much will tip in the next 12 months that americas may never get back-- tomorrow i meet with the origin of all yunus microsolar knowhow- korea launched green big bang club for 2000 governors who want to benchmark how their people can be first to carbon zero- are their place governors in latin americas who would at least like to know that club exists as one of china's urgent efforts to get climate back? lord stern who for a decade led gordon brown's green research has been asked by china to interview 15 eminent people and structure this into argentina g20 debriefings july 2018 and mumbai aiib2018 june 2018; jack ma has made argentina his number 2 international partner in small enterprise free trade with prime minsters of argentina and chile (michelle bachelet previously first head of UNwomen) leading goodwill relationships between latin america and china

thanks chris macrae 240 316 8157 rockville



THE WORLDS MOST VALUABLE COLLABORATION GAME? can you help with survey of sustainability's greatest education summits - our metric scores from 0 to 1000 by multiplying 3 scores out of 10:

nominations and scorers welcome- washington dc text and whatsapp USA 240 316 8157


Can you help us search for 10 types of greatest job creating educator:

10* place leader trusted by most people (eg up to quarter of our planet) 

  • 9* designer of the most livelihoods developed by the world's poorest girls; 
  • 8* storyteller of how trivial mass media's celebrities became UNLESS...; 
  • 7* when 5000 people want to meet to co-create jobs, how do you open space; 
  • 6* what kind of love was needed by the family that built the guinness book of records largest school; 
  • 5* what kind of love and human tech is needed to help ppor places where 98% of teachers are afraid of change that 21st C youth need most; 
  • 4* how can you help hack world banking to invest in people's livelihoods instead of bricks and mortar; 
  • 3* what billionnaire has stood up and been counted at the most places where tipping points of war and peace were spinning; 
  • 2* how can you help celebrate keeping transformation from industrial revolution 1 to 4 open to including the poorest in all the ways that IR1 failed to do; 
  • 1* whose purpose worldwide webs the most jobs creation? 


a how unique and timely to valuing youth was the summit's main issue
b is the summit exponentially sustaining Jack Ma-styled LoveQ movement for every community to collaborate around youth
c what partnership structure and trust-flow empowers the summit to relentlessly open up participation - 360 degrees not a few interest groups- is the summit transparently linkedin to any blockchains relevant to education, small enterprises and locality of jobs 
example 1  launch of education commission at UN 18 sept 2016  -net score 40/1000
a =10 issue half of youth unemployable by 2030 unless...
b= 2 apart from some news in 2 african countrues youth searchers cant find anywhere yet that people/communities can build the movement
c=2 so far this summit has same problem as other un summits - top-down PR but not social collaboration from grassroots up
NB should be easy to improve net score...............................................................................................................
wise @ beijing 5 november -net score 648/1000
a=9 issue when we know how one school or college is great, how do we maxiumise consequences for others that are as yet very poor for their childrens future livelihoods
b=8 yes integrated with every other sustainability debate china has hosted ; extraordinary mass media coverage; as yet jury is out whether enough wizard technologists saw this as their summit too
c=9 wise connects every summit and publication in ways that make it so far the number 1 worldwide collaboration space for future of education youth need; uae is a lead region for twinning superplace blockchains 
NB improving score above 648 depends on eg solutions to  integration of national collaborations with china on future of youth- since china has no social safety net for most elders other than sustainability livelihoods of its half billion under 30s the question becomes which nations dare twin or twenty (eg G20, EC30)  collaboration with china on this most pivotal issue of human sustainability


THE WORLDS MOST VALUABLE COLLABORATION GAME? can you help with survey of sustainability's greatest education summits - our metric scores from 0 to 1000 by multiplying 3 scores out of 10:

nominations and scorers welcome- washington dc text and whatsapp USA 240 316 8157

value how well leaders negotiated with trump UK May 5 (but she was dealt weak hand by rotten parliament and awful bbc jourmalist)

japan --abe 9, trudeau 10 tell us your rating - Big 4 Transformations.
1972 UK: thousands of undergrads showed us what they’d do when linkedin by computer assisted learning networks, here are 4 of most exciting leapfrog Q 45 years on  
When you’ve never been
connected by landline phone
What’s up text mobile phone.
When you’ve never been
connected by electricity grid
What’s up with MicroSolar 
When you've never be on a smartphoine web , what would you app
When societies have never before enjoyed 100% transparent inter-generational ledger broker, what would you blockchain?


our Media parters include our media inspirations include and 



  • 2020 Tokyo Olympics & AliBaba
  • 2019 G20 India- Coders without borders
  • 2018 G20 Argentina- United Girl Power: Latin cultures end poverty bottom-up community rising 


Search EastSearch www OpenMediating Rotten Media Celebrating LoveQ of Education's SuperheroesWonky Microeconomics: Hack World Bank, Tip Billionnaire Investment Models Intergenerational Exponentials


 are you interested

in supercities and

.... supertrains


Probably the biggest challenge facing chinese leadership is the need to design half a billion livelihoods for today’s under 30s. There is little social safety net for elders other than their children –still mainly one child per family. The vast majority of these jobs are not going to come from manufacturing things. This is why its reasonable to believe that right now China is committed to investment in sustainability – better infrastructures, less carbon, increases in practical-professional knowledge needed to make every community feel included across a nation whose huge geographic dimensions is risky unless everywhere feels equally webbed in.

If you consider this context and then read invitations led around Xi Jinping and China G20 ther5e is every reason to trust the way that most sustainability goals have been framed as collaborative searches which  youth can replicate everywhere. Nowhere is this simpler to do worldwide than transforming k-12 education –what  is the age of webs, mobiles connectivity, blockchain transparency  purposed for if an open education isn’t celebrated by families around the world. 


..World record job creators – 45th Year of Entrepreneurial Revolution

(A) Women and world’s #1 bottom-up public servant

China and global sustainable youth’s greatest place leader


Sustaining world favorite schooling systems of youth and parents

Keeping it open through 4 industrial revolutions in less than half a century


www’s greatest job creator

Black america’s and local faith’s greatest community building relay

Inter-hemisphere Tipping Point Billanthropist and his most joyful assistant

Loveq greatest scalers of worldwide access to job creating education’s greatest module

The anthripologist who banked the world on POP of yoiung professionals

 If you wish to vote for an alternative ER category or nominate a candidate within our categories:please mobile us at washington dc 240 316 8157 or mail .



Read Keynes (ref) to understand the crisis caused by 2 opposite segments of economistr- those (typically macro) who are hired to destroy next generation's livelihoods, and those mainly micro who help develop the human goal of advancing our children's opportunities. Whose leadership models to trust to future now?

Schumacher, alumn of Keynes, clarified ending systemic povery is primarily a chalenge of developing millions of villages that Industrial Revolution never reached. By any standard the POP model offere the greatest economic miracle ever innovated; beter yet it provides a transparent test of what sort of professionals are you getting advice from.  Nobody has done more to empower human development with POP than Sir Fazle; Jim Kim and George Soros are in great positions to influnce opinion leaders.

Both China and global youth's good fortune revolves round Jack Ma's passion for job creation. When he first experienced teh woprld wide web, he immediantely challnged himself to how many hundreds of millions jobs can we co-create with this? Youth should laso celebrate Tim Berners Lee slefless travials to keep www open for all. Between them the 4th industrial revolution (ref Blochchain) is emergning just when Xi Jinping's main goal is to design half a billion sustainability livelihoods for china's under 30s. The world is very fortunate that China is at that state of development where elders do not have a social safety net without their chikdren being fully employed and only collabiratiuon around sustaonability world trade can deliver this.   




DOWNLOAD NORMAN MACRAE FOUNDATION 2015- war and peace 3 - what adam smith alumni know about liberty, sustainability. moral sentiments and valuing youth open education and jobs opportunities worldwide



Checklist of How Health Creates Jobs. Short guide to health's World Record Job Creators rsvp to nominate your place's greatest health servant

Two of World Recird Job Creation's Top 10 scaled their first extraordinary jobs movements around health: Sir Fazle Abed of BRAC (whose networking dwedication empowered the wporld's poorest vilage women to build the 100+ million person nation of bangladesh) and Jim Kim co-founder of partners in health now the ehad of world bank advocating young profesdsionals chnage the world with each of their most greatetly needed skills in ending poverty 

Few countries are as blessed with a first lady of a courageous spirit and as active concern for health as Peng Liyuan wife of Xi Jinping's China's leader whose rejuvenetaion of China takes the elading rile for the lkive.lihoods of half a billion china's under 30s on whom social security of most chinese elders depends 

London's Olympics opened by celebrating 2 of the three best worldwide ideas Bruts have ever shared - nursing and national lealth services, the worldwideweb, (third being english language). Sir Keith Peters and Paul Nurse are heroes of worldwide affordable health lout of London and Cambridge, out of Australia and with The lancet George Patton emerges as Adolescent health hero of 2010s, with Monash colleague Paul Komesaroff one of youth's most inspired networkers of how medics linking global reconcilation.

 Poland's Great Orchetra of Xmas is the most efficient fund raising charity we have ever seen out of eastern europe - and probably children health's most affordable model for connecting music superstars ( we might never have become aware of it without the Gorbachev led summits of nobel peace laureates, and in turn Soros' co-founding of Open Society movements with Gorbachev. Jim Kim has called being discovered by Soris the then greatest moment of his life as a public health networker, and the 20th celebration of open society at the Soros founded central euripean university in Budapest celebrated Sir Fazle Abed's life work with Paul Farmer turning up as chief seconder of Soros.

If American cities have any public health servants who emulate Baltimore's Leane Wen we'd love top hear of them. Meanwhile Zara marsellan started building safe spaces for san diego latino women as a young teenager - first ly be developing peer to peer eneglish language networks but increasingly by being trusted by everyoine she connected to build an inner city health service around La Maestra

The founders of Young Professdionals Chronic network alongside the fammous farmer/kim Partners in Health helps take youth-led solutions and movements for health to a new level. Young suoerdtars of health include Eva Vertes (cancer) and Ola Orenkunrina British-Nigerian aldy who needed Japan's educational coaching to belive that in her abilities to launch africa's ost gutsy flying doctors service out of Nigeria. Her presentation on colaboration support Youth Engtrepreneurs need was the best ten minute lesson i have attended at MIT.

Brilliant (who went on Gandhi inspired peace marches as a young friend of Bill Drayton) is the grassroots newtorker of how the world ended smallpox, and his desire to use maps to limit risks of plagues moved him from ted prize winner to first ceo of to film producer with jeff skoll- he's also originally the messnger of end needless blindness celebrating the aravind microfranchise.

 Aravind Eye Hospital

  • 10 years ago
Aravind started in 1976 as an 11-bed eye clinic in an old temple-city. Today it is the largest and most productive eye care facility in ...




WHY NOT THROW EVERY JOURNALIST IN USA IN A SOCIAL SHARK TANK Across Asia QuarterBillionGirls are empowering collaboration solutions to sustainability goals,

in USA media spins bipolar arguments so that all a million socialy concerned women have to do with their time is march.

When is too much entertainment and abusive or bad news debate enough? Why not design media around job creating education. start small, enterprising out of every community- replicate openly wants works

If women have an education solution why not branstorm  (Open Space) with Devos rather than let the worm in the apple (education unions) go on using our kids as props across 19 of G20 nations and 30 leaders of the greatest #learningGeneration and a world of suprecity blockchains



lets retore the old industrial revolution's 4 most untrustworthy (least intergenerationally transparent) organisationl connstitutions


  1. quarterly corporations, 
  2. bipolar government,
  3. non-hippocrcratic professions,
  4.  non-sustaining charities) 
  6.  systemically remapped to link in the best not the worst of their extractive and externalising parts -


JOY OF COLLABORATION : open up your windows (bricked or clicked) to and by 2030 we'll be spending

4000 fold on moblilising connectibity beyond bodrers- the first senteence of the DoI remains humanity's most brilaint charter but dare we parnets/grandparent empower youth

with the courage and eductaion-for-skils to value the interdependence of 8 billion beings instead of building walls and glass ceilings? washingtin dc text 240 316 8157...


 next suoercity collaboration event


NY 19-20 February

 while miko is in town  - could we try on monday febriary 20 to do part 2 meeting to last tuesday (and john could we do a morning phone call to scarlett in beijing)

monday feb 20 meeting : firstly so people can meet miko - she is our connection back to tokyo olympics 2020 being the greatest zen/tao celebration ever as well as many other connections she lee and amy

also jose never got to tell ed about his revolutions in satellite broadband distribution by and with the poorest nor his fablab hubs

also it might be a good time to make sure we optimise ny dairies in the future

1 the greenest architect and billionaire builder comes to new york about once a year since he is the only top 20 china entrepreneur from amy's and mao's home prrican leaders province i wish our conscious capitalism youth architecture club would be fully linked into this map ; this architect also connects with all of branson (and so environental blockchain) networks and all of cathy calvins at unwomens, ted turner billanthoropy, steve case tech bilanthropy

2 next the ceo of property developer vantone whose head office is 5 minutes walk from the hotel i stay at also has designed new york's most empowering hub for chinese and american leaders to open space the future- it takes up a whole floor of the world trade tower 

3 john you remember when marinez and you took amy and me to the xlearning evening brief- the leaders of general academy and several others we discussed on tuesday- the question then and now- if the ny suburbs double in youth population over next 10 years but ny is led by job-destroying fiance houses -what sort of hell will ny suburbs become now - the only solution i can find is collaborate with west baltimore youth now esepcialy as they can partner 2 sporting mepires -underarmor and leonsis and thru thurgood marshall jack yao's - ask every tech hub from 1776 downwards to partner with al hathaway - America, Britain, China communities of learning and small enterprises 



 jim kim and pope francis faith in youth -KING please issue date of thurgood marshall ribbon cutting in march - if you dont tell us this in next few days it will be an awful communications waste - the end of being able to linkin mackey?!?





































 around friends are trying to retell 45 years of searching for why only china can scale sustainability collaborations worldwide - slide 1 attached

 - i have some urgent questions that i am trying to get my most ;powerfully youth connecting friends in new york to review before end of february

-this will include the people who use that rachel device i brought with me beijing 5 november

WISE-LIFE China Forum: Innovating for Equity and Empowerment




so i would like to arrange interviews with 21st C learning people

also the end poverty association that jack ma has involved with blockchain, 

the british council, at tsinghua university, anyone se in beijing


it sounds like some time soon after 4 march would be urgently best


I also need to see which chinese friends back in usa may have some contact

scarlet could you start by contacting 21st c learning people - will some of them have time to meet

as early as possible after march 4


I can start to summarise big questions those using rachel are asking

meanwhile you could look at the worldpossible connections ED is assembling World Possible


basically those who partner rachel lead worldwide connections for those concerned with this 1-2-3


1 to catalogue everything that is available in open source learning

2 to study how people distribute most exciting teaching content the world has ever made - so someone like shannon may of bridges international the core case study at wise is one of the world's leading experimenters relevant to open scaling of content -fortunately-it  wise is the only education summit that began with sir fazle's hunt for leaning a living -it would be huge if we could start some sort of club of readers around the chinese translation of wise research around brac- could you find out how many copies of that book 21st C has left


3 which curricula are most missing


we also have urgent language translation issues


I realise this  is all very vague- can you start asking me some questions that help with specifics

it would also be great if you could describe rachet eg to parveen as i need to discuss in bangladesh how rachel can open 

up many possibilities with people I have spent nearly 10 years talking to over in dhaka with brac and grameen


fortunately ed has spent over 21 years connecting bangladesh women end poverty networks


chris - America, Britain, China communities of learning and small enterprises 




The Great Acceleration


The Global Community Of Youth 


A story that you might want to miss!

  156 years ago: economics greatest editor died in calcutta through lack of oral rehydration networking

SO in bangladesh's worldwide race towards girls sustainability goals:  its quite neat to consider 1995-2005, 2005-2015, 2016-on
note there is one group of coders who did most to design all of this - their main US home became MIT (their main sponsor has been legatum bank in dubai) - while their first partner was grameen funded by gerorge soros, after a parting with muhammad yunus they have converged all their talents on partnering brac

our 5 year debrief on whats next is in bangladesh with the founder of brac on 27 july about his next wishes following up briefings during his 80th birthday party
this is how supercoder iqbal quadir started village phones in bangakdesh around 1995 told from 2005

Iqbal Quadir: How mobile phones can fight poverty | TED Talk |
Iqbal Quadir tells how his experiences as a kid in poor Bangladesh, and later as a banker in New York, led him ...

Mobile phones and development: Calling an end to ... - The Economist
The Economist
Jul 7, 2005 - ALL eyes are on what governments can do to end poverty, with aid, debt relief ...Mobile phones have become indispensable in the rich world.
this in nick huighes he designed mpesa in kenya in 2007 M-PESA Kenya- Nick Hughes then as a social responsibility project withb his employer vidaphone who had a dominant share of mobile across kenya

around 2012 nick hughes left viodaphone and started a partnership with the quadir family- within 4 years they (locally iqbal brorther kamal quadir who had himself innovated bangladesh ecommerce cell bazaar) built  with brac as the largest cashless bank in the developing world- we were lucky enough to be debriefed on the emergence of this at 2 roundtables at jopan embassy ion dhaka- the first chaired by sir fazle abed, the second chaired by kamal quadir

================2016 now questions include:
what will this group of supercoders be doing next and how do we partner them

ok as china developed mobile phones in rural areas -what was the parallel ownership structure- is there a netwiork in china committed to use mobile apps to deveop rural with the same focus as brac- how does this interface with work 500 young village chietains aim to network over next 2 years including yuxuan

is alipay actually china's mpesa ...whats your country's closest hub of coders to any of this sphere of apps?
Aug 18, 2014 - Far beyond PayPal or a credit card, the Alipay Wallet allows users to top ... The most popular mobile payment form, M-pesa, is used by over 17 ...

What's best way to launch a better M-Pesa + Alipay system? - Quora
We want to launch in a 100M developing country a mobile wallet + payment system + escrow (think of a mix between M-Pesa and Alipay). What features should ...

if mobile's leapfroging has so far been about the markjet of finance as development, what it is going to do to the market of (peer to peer) education and practice-suoerapps for jobs starting in places with most desperate need for livelihoods and consequences for adolescent girls clubs

chris macrae dc 240 316 8157

Chapter 6 By 2005 the gap in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations was recognised to be man's most dangerous problem.

Over the 24 months of 2014-2015 we will be reporting connections between youth summits wherever we can linkin and assemble micro-wikis around the above issues - you can help us here:Googledoc the most collaborative 24 month race youth have played



 The Era Of Youth — Just Thinking



The Global Community Of Youth 


With amount of time and money humans spend on learning

communications tech going up 4000-fold,

you might hope costs and inefficiences of aid and education

from youth's valuation viewpoint would come down. There

is no eveidence of this in developed nations

- the interestong question is what are developing countries

doing about sustainability's most urgent question

40 years ago when dad published Entrepreneurial Revolution as The Economist's new year survey 25 dec 1976
-we would never have imagined that no university of 21st C would want its students to
co-create the next 3 billion jobs- so friends at his remembrance parties (Adam Smith
scholars Glasgow U, Mandela Extranet alumni S Africa, Japan Embassy and beyond all
thanks the Abed family of BRAC U , Bkash and - invite youth all to build -may every youth be an alumn of the sustainability generation 

By our calculations humans have been doubling spend on (LCT) Learning Communications Technologies every 7 years since 1946-
by #2030now that will be over 4000X. Half of the human world is aged under 30.
How can young world citizen question the consequences of elders legacy systems?
  • First discussion at The Economist 1972 (12X)- Norman Macrae called this future
    curriculum Entrepreneurial Revolution: the next 40 years intergenerational investment:-
    unprecedented impact of valuing sustainability, or loss of youth's lives and livelihoods
  • By 1984 (44X) Macrae at Economist predicted majority of next
    3 billion jobs will be new
  • renewing planet, ie green,
  • renewing family/community (ie ending poverty where empire and industrial age of things never reached)
  • wizard open sourced apps - an abundant open learning economy provided designed in hi-trust way that collaborates way above zero-sum games

  • Help us - sign the future history diary - what have been each doublings greatest opportunity and threats impacts on global future-
    and where localities suddenly caught up what happened -eg by 1975 chinese expats were the world's 3rd richest group thanks to superports
    they set about investing in a billion brilliant chinese brains previously the most underused human resource
    however even to this day in 2016: women, youth and poor are at constant risk of being excluded from what macroeconomists rule over
    - how can young peoples use connections to positively change this inequality? Blog friends youth networks 1twitterlinkedin  or text us 240 316 8157

    what if humans  spent 4000 times more money and time on Learning Communications Technologies (LCT)
    ) but prevented their youth from learning new livelihoods
    - welcome to humanity's sustainability goals crisis 2015-2030 .. are we doomed to orwell's big brother end game?

    notes every 7 years since 1946 man has doubled spend on LCT - help track what spiralled well and badly? remember new media has a terrifying history - usually a bad power has done soimething with it d=first - eg it only took hitler the advantage of being the only person wuith audio recorder to propagate madness
    2016-2023 sees 2000+ doubling of spend in LCT; also 175th birthday of THe Economist mediating end hunger in 2018; in 2016 we hope global youth will launch world record job summit out of bangladesh and with more than a little help from chinese under 30s   goal to be hosted by brac and global youth community Dhaka in remembrance of end poverty economists including Norman Macrae, George Soros, Maynard Keynes, Walter Bagehot, James Wilson, JB Say and Adam Smith

    1972 Viewpoint of this school published in The Economist

    3 reasons for optimism about potential of computer assisted learning (Macrae  Economist 1972)
    1 Best for the poorest- In a class of 25 students today, there are 25 learning patterns waiting to be dissatisfied. When the teacher tries to proceed at a median pace, she creates small tensions for the brightest children and cruel tensions for the least bright children who she subconsciously chivvies.
    2 Training the underdeveloped. The great economic tragedy of the past two centuries is that the process of enrichment which started so extraordinarily around 1760 has been confined only to the rich one third of the world. The decisive barrier has been lack in facilities for communications with the other two-thirds.  
    3 Increasing need for the entrepreneurial business for quickest and most cost-effective methods of training and retraining. The world is going to be changed indeed if, by open learning platforms preferentially geared to lowest income families, it is possible to teach knowhow’s all important capacity. This is on how to organize (not just nominal awareness of facts) through 2-way, trial-and-error, heuristic (ie serving to discover), computer aided learning.

    by 1960 (4 times doubling in LCT) japans quality electronic systems were changing the world; in the next 7 yeras everyone could calculate (previously large number calculations need maths guys with logs and slide ruler - thise analyses ending in numbers were expertly done;  

     in this phase ending with 8 times the greatest colabkiration betrween man and comouter hapopened with man getting close to the moon

    also when intel got a guge order from a japan calculatior comopany =it invented the programabke chip so as noit to become dependent on producing one chip  

    by the end of this 16th increase in LCT- satllites were changing the world - soon the coist of teolecoms wouldnt depend on diustance- early experiments in computer assieted elarning caused the economut to start debating the greatest every change to humanity - would the net generation of the early 200s be most excitinf/productive time for youth to ne alive or the opposite?        




    The Era Of Youth — Just Thinking


    hubs take starring role in millennials biggest chnage month ever day 20

    Here is why we propose to launch 20 co-blogs identified with Economist
    -collab purpose = valuing investment architectures exponentially true to the
    Hippocratic Oath of Keynes for the profession whose members compound

    what future is a place's youthfully productive people free or chained to???
    see last chapter of general theory if you  too ever need to map this whole truth and goodwill maths

    2018 is 175th year of founding of The Economist to mediate end of poverty and
    end of capital abuse of youth- footnote on founder james wilson
    UN has called october 2015-2016 the greatest change year in human history, and future
    - hence this web starts up - Biggest Change Month
    Invitation  (1): Here are some early co-blogs seeking to embrace Biggest Change Year 

    online library of norman macrae-- 

    Entrepreneurial Revolution alumni started to hub around The Economist in 1972
    gamechanging innovation goal: the biggest change era ever
    : Learning is The Economy may sustain 10 times more scope for human health and wealth
    than just consuming up things- to determine the borderless (open society) sustainability of all of us or not.
    Millennials search for Future Capitals and global villages?
    The Economist founder James Wilson- was a Scot (statistician and trained in Adam Smith's moral ideology published nearly 100 years earlier, Glasgow 1748)
    -so all who help hub LOndon around SaintJames are passionately motivated on transparency role of media and public service(freedom and grounded quality of speech)
    His was then the greatest scaling crisis in our species known orbit. JOYFUL SOCIETAL LESSON1: -right time, right place right questions, right action, right people webs meta-hubbed around epicentre of great change- case mid 19th C london and celebrating every way the people curageusly questined what its biggest decision-makers impacted thrug generatins f umanity humanity through industrial revolution and the reach of the mst pweorful system of world trade, known popmpously it can be noted, as Great British Empire- -the first role of The Economist was to sack the majority of James' fellow MPs wherever their vested interests were out of sync with we the peoples




    Vatican and KIMPOP joy around the world

    links nobel peace summist and 2024 olympics launching collisseum of sustainability cultures

    DUBAI 6000 ... mit partners of digital youth generation ...

    China West Coasthubs world leaders in open learning eg moocs, 500 chinese women hub and baidu strategy

    Chile-peru Laureate to latin american most trusted withEducation is the Economy



    BRAC POP muslim women empowerment


    Global empowerment alliance chaiared by leading partners in Mobile Women4Empowent "leapfrog impact models

    South africa mandela extranet 1 million jobs education system transformation for disadvantaged youth

    Cameroon  Ethiopia Ihub hackathon 1 school in a tablet




    wonders of end to end education system for sustainable millennials


    celebrating world's most creative children age 8 to 18 every 4 years -eg ICAF's 20 years of celebrations- 5th cycle climaxes 30 June to 4th July THe Mall Washington DC with 70 countries' tecahers and children

    eg ICAF 



    Mapping back missing Job Creating Curricula and aprenticeship channels

    eg women4empowerment -fisrt ladies share 40 years of bangladesh jobs for girls education-led banking including 20 years of mobile partnerships redesigning villagers race to end poverty

    Mandela extranet -20 years of developing 14000 most socially empowering graduates and working back to missing 7th grade curricula 


    Association of what youth want from elearning platforms-

    eg the invitation of the 5 billion person eleraning satellite ...............


    Innovation Demands from  million student virtual meetups- eg why not make chinese, english and mother tongue accessible for every child to ;earn


    Global leadership programs designed round graduate professionals

    eg China's Global Youth Leadership Summer Camp

    Japan's global youth leaders exchanges researced by Akira

    Focused professional spaces of 2030now- eg partners in health as as educational exchange ...........................................................................


    Internet biggest decision makers who value open learning - eg berners lee, jack Ma? 


    7th wonder - wha'ts biggest thing missing from this map? eg is it goal led multidiscicplinary curricula or ...

    About 44th year of ERworld curricula- started The Economist 1972; maintained by Macrae clan and friends;


    online library of norman macrae-

    millennials can collaborate through 20 Economist eg 1 and 20 non-economist eg 1 blogs; our 2 overaching partnerships :

    internet for open elarning not just advertsining

    partners in publishing world record book of job creation

    queries ............................................................................................................. 


    Preferential Option Poor (POP) education has many additional routes- please tell us of ones you love most- 
    pls note where education puts children or teachers at risk we dont publish stuff- Of course these places need the most help but that's beyond our editorial ability:
  • the ama university route -seems to map back from 7 but be otentilay a complete system - it was much loved while Kalam was president of India- reports needed on current status
  • the brac university route - in many ways ama and brac could be perfect twins but becasue of different ethinictities 
    it may take an elearning satellite to beam down cases from both universities before 
    teenagers of millennial world demand taccess to best of both
  • ironically brac's total educational system is based on catholic revolutionary mindset that in brazil and peru of the late 1960s- 
    it is a dream of ours that all POP failths and educatiors and doctors (and hi-trust open infrastructure bankers) could be free and safe to co-exist; 
    2 extreme ironies- as yet south america has no equivalent to brac or ama university though youth entrepreneurs webs (startedout of peru 2002 and colombia, with some educators out of chile have been asking Franciscans in rome -and medics bston-haite-peru- to help certify a pan-continent approach; 
    world bank jim kim's best next job might be to head that up though we suspect that the east wants him msot from 2017 (unless he's 2nd 5 year term unites all the world's development bankers and millennials of 2030now
  • Volunteer millennials reporters needed at World Record Book of Job Creation
    One of our main reserach frameworks celebrates hunt for top 12 world record job creators linked by 3 hoods main dimensioxs- 1 extreme entrepreneur of community livelihoods ending poverty and empowering life critical service franchsiers; revolutionaries of open education; alumni networks most value by women4empowerment and millennials from AAA hemispheres

    World Record Jobs Creation curricula –where do you need to link first

    POP Whole of Rural Bangladesh as Microfranchise partners lab: (ref  FAbed home -WRJC keynotes)
    1.0 pre-digital village mothers, 2.1 post-digital mothers and millennials
    1.0 Order of entry- disaster relief, community health service (first 70 mn rural scaling
     oral rehydration), jobs-designed Education, banking for microfranchise value chains
    2.1 extends MFs proven in Bangladesh, especially girls education solutions, across 12 mainly Muslim countries
    2,1bis world import/export of best mobile leapfrog empowerment models

    POP Global Social Youth Exchanges taking health as benchmark: (ref JKim home webs until 2012 now world bank WRCJ keynotes )
    Last mile nets to End infectious and infant killing diseases
    1980s Boston & Haiti
    1990s & Peru
    Around 2000 & Russian Prisons
    Around 2010 & Rwanda
    From 2012 wherever world bank partners can POP with millennials
    From 2013 POP endorsement by Count on Me Pope Francis

    1978 First billionnaire to invest in south african youth  (ref GSoros home webs open society and ineteconomics- WRCJ keynotes)
    92 first to partner Gorbachev and celebrate open society movements
    First to sponsor mobile digital villages
    First to invest in extending partners in heath across continents
    First to challenge macroeconomic errors empowering millennials
    To rethink economics from ground up

    83 started taking womens conflict resolution to most micro level (ref MYunus home and WRCJ keynotes)
    ultimately over one hundred thousands circles of 6o bangladeshi village mothers
    Involved graduate bangladeshi in 3 pop revolutions- banking
    For poor, mobile for poor, solar for poor
    Make ending poverty as exciting to millennials youth as sports olympics and 100 times more transparent than Fifa world cup of frauds -discuss how yunus failed at world cup 10 14 and olympics 12 at -can his fans and world class brands alumni help him in time for brazil olympics 2016 now that Fifa has been exposed as house of red cards

    .some of the most exciting questions we have ever heard raised by these 4 job creating curricula

    whats the next 12 months diary for getting as close to learning or helping action projects around these job creating leaders currcula

    do you agree with jim kim's contention that millennials can now be invested in as the most connecetd , educated and colaborative peopekls to have walked this earth; if not how else do you see sustainability orbits being reclaimed by 2030

    do you know how to map the sompound opportunities and threats (eg Fifa world cup of frauds) caused by 4000 times more being spent on global communications in 2030 than 1946

    If there are to be 4 key connectyions with an open elarning world, do you agree with those in riht-hand column

    please note all world record job creation searcghes are improved by integrating deeply local answers as this depends on what issues are most urgent in putting your peoples at risk of lost sustaionability as well as which solutions are easiest to open source- we welcome correspondence and in countries where blogs are p[ermitted offer 20 Economist and University co-blogs as  spaces for millennials to share demands on job creating education and action networking -see eg and economistwomen.comand

    .education 4 questions


    where do teachers and communities celebrate change to education as fast as millennials need to be sustainable (not as slowly as makes teacher pensions or governments cosy)


    who is world's best at cataloguing missing jobs curricula and renewed apprentice structures


    who is designing the internet to value open education not an appendix to addiction to advertising


    where are the satellite learning channels that can freely link millennials to be instructed by whomever they see as  most practical at worldwide job creation..

    The World Record Book of Job Creation

    Chapter 1 How to Share Diaries of the Most Exciting Time to Be Alive


    There has never been a more exciting time to be alive. Research started over 40 years ago, in The Economist in 1972, shows that three generations -parent, children, grand children - alive in the first quarter of the 21st Century are making the greatest exponential bets on human sustainability


    One of two opposite consequences is likely to result of this 21st Century:

    100 times more wealth and shared equitably between over 10 billion people


    the planet sustains less than a billion people with less prosperity, less safety, less everything tat makes life communally enjoyable than today


    (See how the United Nations at the end of 2014 described how it has never faced a period needing as much change as it now seeks to encourage as 15 years of millennium gaols are replaced by sustainability goals)

    UN's final testimony 2014)


    The bets revolve round spending 4000 times more on Global Village Commuuications Infrastructures Technologies (GVCIT) in 2030 than in 1946.


    You can use this grid to report both innovations and impacts calibrated by how this most extraordinary human story compounded round doubling spends every 7 years since 1946



























    >4000 times



    What are examples of some of the giant leaps and what could the happiest and freest impacts of communications be for livelihoods everywhere?


    Giant Leaps Datelines by Hemisphere

    From 1946 Japan then  Korea  innovated quality systems- electronics forerunner of modern computer.Meanwhile the idea of programmable computer was invented by mathematician John von neumann

    By 1960 far east multi-win world trade superports- eg hong kong, taiwan

        singapore-  with enough ownership by chinese diaspora to support coming inward investment

    China 's cultural revolution most sustainable rural economics development ever scaled

    Jewel in crown of race to space is satellites -telecoms will one day liberate death of distance

    From 1968 computer chips get onto  moores  laws of doubling anayltic capacity every 2 years or less

    1971 would you vote for beatles/ lennons worldwide anthem- see footnote IMAGINE

    1975 sustainability of millennials now mappable to depend on open society collaboration with eastern hemispheres with china's populace as epicentre1980 invention of personal comuputer is small beer until openly networked. worldwide webbed

    1984 : The 2025 Report maps timelines:-7 billion people will be mobile connected - but how soon and what will be greatest open learning apps

    1989 www operations start but will net neutrality of 7 billion being commons be sustained







    Song by The Plastic Ono Band,John Lennon, ...Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today...Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace.


    Key Types of Communications Technologies and Infrastructures impacting Jobs


    5 Open Society INFO sharing making every child 10 times more educated- compare invention of printing press with that of mobile access to digital web

    4 Livelihoods valuing knowhow instead of only making things. Things git consumed up in use causing scarcities. Knowhow can multiply value in use celebrating economic abundances

    3 Transportation communications -real and virtual- impacting how we live, work , exchange services. Before the industrial revolutions train landlocked people (e those without access to seas or river s0 typically didnt travel more than 15 miles in their whole lives. Trains brought the revolution from most lives being chained to rural subsistence to race to urbanisation. Leap forward to everyone having opportunities to multiply both real livelihoods in communities they live and virtual livelihoods (worldwide exchanges)

    2 Satellite telecommunications bring death of distance- ie cost once sat telecoms infrastructure is installed no longer a function of distance. Essentially the same cost to mobile chat or share info with person in another hemisphere as person next door. ER Catch 22 this will make summing up bordered national gdps most uneconomic and anti-social way of analysing millennials century

    1 Information once digitally coded can be app'd anywhere that people are mobile connected simultaneously. This cost of distributing knowhow to 1 person or a billion people is the same. And apps blend with human actions so that what a human being needs to know to be productive changes completely

    Converging 5-4-3-2-1 above could make the near future 100 times healthier and wealthier through way above zero-sum value exchanges. Or if we fail to end inequality from birth or break natures evolution codes while rivaling her planetwide scale, this century may conclude in sustaining at most 1 billion people instead of the 11 billion estimated as the population our species all being world will thrive with planet earth's abundancy in 2100
    are there parts of lennon's dream we could all linkinto and can open learning take back the world from big brotherdom and tv's trivial addictions


    Song by The Plastic Ono Band,John Lennon, ...


    Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today


    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too
    Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace.


    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one



    Around the world in 80 clicks

    Youth Hope & Geo-Cultural
    fan webs
    Earth Race or Moon Race?. Consider CHINA : The Economist's Emily's reporting (Brief 6 Mao's last leap) shows Mao's Culutral Revolution was rising at extraordinary exponential rates by 1966 (when China had 4 times the people but one tenth the physical economy of USA). The ideology was barely 7 years old having been planted in 1958.
    Back from future of 1966: Two joyful things were about to rock the world. Inside China Agrarian Keynsianism was rolling out- ensuring, at that time, rural livelihoods were being peacefully sustained/valued as much as city lives. Fortunately Bottom-up Crop Scientists, including American and Japanese Citizens had an open source mindset making this 
    chart on China's agricultural revolution the happiest The Economist had ever reported. Outside of the mainland, the Chinese diaspora was building superports in the region that since 1946 had led world designs of quality systems and electronics (Consider Japan, Korea, Taiwan)-all in all the consequence was that by 1975 made Chinese the third wealthiest only to Americans and Japanese. Consider Century Pacific (1, 2) - could this oriental revolution PROGRESSIVELY unite the world?. Will parents everywhere start up 21st C by investing in Jim Kim vision: millennial professionals as most educated, connected , collaborative our race has ever celebrated?
    Unlike any other developing region, here was almost no limit to inward investment waiting for communist strictures to fall. What China was about to do was to create the biggest win-win trades of all. And just when the greatest inter-generational investment of all time was needed as humanity entered the worldwide digital age (what The Economist of the 1970s had called Death of Distance, but by 1984 was mapping like this - as infrastructure of satellite telecoms (as you see on todays www) have costs that are almost the same between any 2 or more mobile-empowered women.
    Today China's physical economy is larger than the USA but its impact on millennials sustainability is in an entrepreneurial world of its one UNLESS: Wherever you live your children's education is helping to celebrate every win-win livelihood with China? If that happy freedom is not yet accessible, what's missing in your regions communications? Join open society reporting 
    or a blog through which your maps and ours can link into co-creating 7 billion wondrous livelihhods linked to 2030now goals integrating sustainabilit and end of poverty


    ERworld Survey writes please help us share catalogue of livelihood changing communications revolutions 1946 to 2030? Whys this matter? Humans have been doubling spends on borderless communications every 7 years since 1946- that's 4000 times more money/time by 2030. Spinning Goodwill or Badwill? Youth POP joy or loss of hope? Communications link humans capacity to trade through transport, telecoms, computer networking, AND every collab value net generation can innovate that zero-sum pre-digital world could not. They also have very local contexts in terms of whether they fit to sustain or destroy livelihoods, families and communities. That's why our informal family of Economist webs seek to share peoples diaries gamechanging communications (social action) timelines by locality-................................................................................

    welcome to Entrepreneurial Revolution world- populated by curious characters like
    unacknowledged giants, sustainabiliy millennials as both the most productive and collaborative generation

    Year 44 month 5 Entreprenurial Revolution newsletter May 2015 : Sustainability millennials Summit tipping point agendas this month:  2 most urgent (irreversible/tipping point) sustainability agendas are:

  • using elearning satellites to beam down vital community health and diaster relief service training- 

  • help/map every way china feels that it can collaborate with worldwide millennials in win-win economies that are 10 times healthier and wealthier than 20th century zero sums of bordwrs and extrenalising risks.
  • - next summit Dubai - queries washington dc mobile hotline 2403168157......................................................................................


     Do you agree with my father's purpose- question the biggest leaders out of everywhere what they are doing to improve livelihoods of next generation especially girls born into world's poorest villages?

    If so please join us at one of our family of blogs or correspond with 

     If you get a chance to interview someone on happiest things they are actioning for or with next generation - where will you report it to viralise positive social movements? -can we share your good news at eg economistwithoutborders

    .. an apology: we use the content editing system of blog as its low cost, simple -some countries therefore block our webs- msil if you want to samle a web's content or if you are a tech genius and can train us to be more productive ast open web collaboration

    ..................To the right you can see somne of the videso that make us happiest- there are 2 series -a where we are biassed becaue we know the person; B where we dont know the person but hiope one day all youth will have pen learning channels with them................................ A1 Grandaughters obit..................................................  .A2 From Norman's Last Journalusts Supper with Muhamad Yunus..................................... A3 and what the economist boardoom remembered of norman......................................B1 Hope with paul farmer - the most joyful of health servant leaders............................................B2 Tedx with Jim Kim the most extraordinary of world bankers   

     From archives 1984's conclusion if we are going to soend 4000 times more on global commns better priortitise making cost of worldwiude basic health care less


    online library of norman macrae--...........................................................................................................................................


    Story: Our dad and grandad found it easy to question leaders on next generations futures out \of The Economis through second half of the 20th Cbnetury.

    For him the chances of better futures wer high compared with being a teengaer in Stalin's Mosow and Round boders of Hotler's Europe (his father being a missionary scot and british consul)
     Moreeover anything could be better use of his skills spending your last days as a teenager navigating planes in world war 2 over moderday bangaldesh and Myanmar 
     However while Norman Macrae vaued joyful curisity he was shocked as he saw money and time spent on worldwide communications doublinge every 7 years
    -his curriculum vitae became would spending 4000 times more on worldwide communicaryiosn in 2030 than 1946 turn out sustainbility for 7+ billion people
    the UN has called 2015 the most transformative year in its existence (from gioals of millennium to sustainability)

    over new year we wrote this paper for a futuires journal - our take is that the world's biggest decision makers are not being curious enough about how 4000 time more on global communications will be spent 2030 versus 1946- its how we design such a huge borderless budget that will determine whether we have invested in mkilliennials to be sustainable Wars and Peace3.doc Wars and Peace3.doc, 552 KB 

    we are looking for re-editors of  -eg which sustainability summit should millennials trust for before abd after inclusion, and as a start to radically new elearning content being accessible and free24/7

    -why shouldnt milennial professionals be the most educated, connected, collaborative our species has ever celebrated
    as early as the 60s the moon race showed that if we used the best of computer networking and human action learning
    there would be no limits to what planet earth and humans could achieve
    Like his mentor Keynes - Norman defined no limit as ending poverty by 2030; hence a typical Norman Macrae search
     7 May 1977 survey of Two Billion People- Asia ..norman also clarified if we are spending 4000 times more on communicating
    we better make everything elese eg health and education better and cheaper and universally accessible out of every global village
    If Norman's story is the sort of story you want for your children or your millennial generation, how can we help each other positively viralise it now? 

    NORMAN MACRAE - 2 last projects to complete by 2018 (175th anniversary of The Economist)
    • Ask youth to joyfully report futures out of 20 difefrent placses - we will use blogs with informal Econmist branding eg or -
      since not everyone can see blogs (which we only use because they are a simple content editor) we'll try and update major good news colaborations at this web site 
    • We also seek to unite parbers in publuishin world record book and games oif Job Creation - see for updates
    EconomistWithoutBorders 1748: Adam Smith questions- how will humans design systems to multiply 7 billion livelihoods sustainably?
    ECONOMIST UPDATE: Starting 1972 curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution -to celebrate net generation: explores likelihood that spending 4000 times more on global communications (2030 versus 1946) was ever going to end sustainably for millennials unless...???
    help raise open learning questions at family of (America Asia Africa China Youth Poor Women) of friends of UG Norman Macrae and curiosity blogs like futureofbbc: what is trillion dollar social purpose of world's largest public broadcaster if it helps millennials POP2030now.
    norman macrae videos: bbc, eu and 2010 boardroom and grandaughter

    online library of norman macrae--..

    Thursday, April 30, 2015

    Around the world in 80 clicks

    Youth Hope & Geo-Cultural
    fan webs

     28 october 2013, Jim Kim at Vatican


    You know there was a time when it would have been difficult to imagine The World Bank

    and The Catholic Church, especially The Pope, working together on a project like ending poverty.

    But we will see what happens today. My hope is that he will be very receptive to a global effort

    to truly end extreme poverty. He has spoken about it very eloquently and I hope he will be excited by the work we are doing


    I am here in Rome: with the Vatican Behind me. We just had an audience with Pope Francis.

    It was one of the most inspiring meetings I have ever had. His warmth, his humility,

    his deep deep concern for the poor came trough in every word. We had about 20 minute meeting in Spanish ,and I was ableto tell him about our efforts to end poverty by 2030 and boost shared prosperity. He told me of course that this is one of the things he is most passionate about.,

    and then we talked in great length about what it means to end poverty. 

    One of the things that he mentioned to me is that when we talk about growth,

    we must always remember what growth is for. He said to me: Growth is for People.

    And we have to remember that we can't put all of our focus on idolising money,

    we have to make sure we are committed to the people. It was one of the most inspiring

    sessions I have ever had with anyone. And I asked Pope Francis to work with us

    and to speak out on the need to end extreme poverty, and to ensure where there is

    growth the poorest 40% are always included. I am not quite sure how we are going to

    make this work in the future but if he does get involved and become one of our leading

    spokespeople for the fight against poverty, I think we can build a movement the likes

    of which as never been seen before on earth.

     POP  (preferential Option Poorest) value systems wins The Economist's 40 Year ER Search for Empowering Sustainability of Net Gneration

    Millennials leading Ambassadors of POP - Pope Francis, Sir Fazle Abed,  Paul Farmer and Jim Kim, Geroge Soros


     2015yunus.jpg First
    From Norman Macrae Foundation Bangladesh was the last future history study area of my father's 86 years - the majority spent editing pro-youth valuation dialogues at The Economist [1] Bangladesh was born as the world's poorest 100+ million person nation in 1971. It had the…
    Like ·  · Share · 83ave of millennials goals over- summit opportunities for linking POP to #2015now being greatest chnage year ever for future of humanity
     If 7 billion people are to thrive in 21st C, what purooses do each Trillion Dollar Sector need to serve        

    Join World Class Brands Network in asking how anti-social can media get? is a project of Norman Macrae family foundation. 
    Norman was valued by The Economist as their U-Giant because he was mentored by Keynes that 
    economists have no value whatsoever unless they joyfully free the future's voices of women, youth and poorest. 

    queries washington dc 301 881 1655 conscious citizenship hotline for youth capitalism and open education

    Branson Diary 1

    Chris MacraeJoin The Linkedin Diaries of Job Creating Net Generation 

    help compile the G-book of world record job creators -ask for survey questionnaire 

    join our linkedin space for job creation agents and hi-trust value chain developers 


    Diary of youth's job-creating meetings amd summits - - forums for partners in youth's millennium goals


    Youth's World Banker Jim Kim:

    #2030NOW goals of end poverty and massive youth job creation

    Value chain needs to be transparent bottom-up and open analysis tool 

    Poor's banker and youth's open technolgy dream-reality leader Muhammad Yunus:

     Muhammad Yunus:

    Take students out into communities to solve local social crises

    Microfranchise : Test small, openly replicate big across analogous  communities in crisis

     Open Education's greatest tour to date:

    late may

    early june TB Seattle: Microsoft, Amazon

    late june

     early july 

    2014's Biggest Gamechanger?  WOMEN4EMPOWERMENT & Nanocredit:

    Internets most magical value multipliers: apps for women empowerment; right now first women leaders can fashion, energise, invest in and mobile-app this and find superstars for bottom-up ambassadorship

    also how amazing is this? Check this out Better World Wireless ..... why not get the added benefit of using your mobile phone to improve the world? CHECK OUT OUR NEW LIVE BETA SITE at SHARE the news & join our mobile mission for good! 

    ERWORLD  Dedication and Definition

     To a worldwide celebration in which part 1 of Keynes job description of economists is completed by 2025- underemployment and systemised poverty traps have been ended.

     Help Search for Curriculum Valuing the 4 quarters of Entrepreneurial Revolution.

     Muhammad Yunus' bon mots "the entrepreneur is she who makes more jobs than she takes" express a whole truth this book (and online netizens) invite you to search for. The e-word was coined in France around 1800 to search for a society in which the planet's productive assets were designed to empower the intergenerational possibilities that 99% of people wished for not the 1%.


    Cross-culturally Go micro (bottom-up) my daughter, Go Eastern ( the courage of being open)  in mindset by son. Mimic nature's evolutionary designs around the wholeplanet.

     Norman Macrae (UG) Remembrances - 0 1 (archives of The Economist)

    - Entrepreneurial Revolution's Foundation for Youth Capitalism and Open Education

     1 Glasgow University 4 July 2010 with Muhammad Yunus 1

    2 The Economist Boardroom 1 2

    3 With South Africa's Founder of Youth's Missing curricula of entrepreneurship and empowerment 1

    4 With Japan Ambassador and Civil Society in Bangladesh 1

    5 With Glasgow University Adam Smith scholars part 2 1 

    and RSVP

    Failing to mediate what 99% of women want to live

     -special thanks to our co-directors at Women4Empowerment and San Diego's EliminatePovertyTEAM for guiding us to womens biggest freedom-makers

    World leading women meet to change value chains of WE1 fashion and ...

    WE2 Mobile Telecoms Naila Chowdhury writes:  Julian Kyula is an amazing person, A mentor , professional associate of mine and W4E. Through his work , I believe in his vision, I feel his deep personal commitment and connection to improving lives for people who are too often ignored. I have also got a true sense of his intellectual commitment and compassion to changing the systems that lead to poverty, so that his work has a permanent impact on a sustainable tomorrow.  references JK is founder of nanocredit- hundreds of millions of poorest womens' favorite invention and the IBM Entrepreneur of year award

    WE3 jewelry - Tazilla Rab at Vogue Custom Jewelry invoted connectors of changing value chain of jewelry
    WE4 StarPower - Monica Yunus of Sing for Hope invites you to change value chains of Stars from Power over to Empower


    WO 5 4 3 2 1 -which 5 videos should all young women from ag 10 up be free to see first? rsvp - current league table of good news on how women save the world

    WO5 African world's number 1  family banking system trains JP Morgan

    WO4.1 Mothers of Microcredit series (coming soon Obam Mama - premeir Seatlle May 2014 - how anne durham was one of the top  founders of asian and womens world banking

    W03 New York's high society women and fashion editorsrebel agaisnt valkue chain of fashion sector  . and 

    The Broadband Commission Event, ITU, International Telecommunication Union in Dublin Ireland in Shelbourne Hotel(23 photos)


    WE5 Value Chain Healthcare-celebrating the idea of the nearly free nursing college is both the biggest womens jobs creator and the most pivotal way forward to affordable accessible healthcare that we have searched to date. Connectors of this idea include:

    Grameen Nursing College

    Khan Academy Healthcare P2P trainers competition

    Paul Farmers open source teaching university in Haiti   Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

    Additional contributors: HC1  HC2

    Arkansas Telemedicine benchmarking

    you tell us

     The 2014 Oxford Power Shift Forum for Women in the World Economy will investigate the relationship between women and the world of finance.

    Awesome event. For more than 2,000 years, women have been excluded from the system 

    Help students vote for Entrepreneurial Revolution's 10 most surpring questions of 2015 

    How do we celebrate linking in a sister cities world stage with 10 times more value to youth than the Olympics? 

     How did Bangladesh, Kenya and South Africa becomes 3 of the greatest partnership labs of Entrepreneurial Revolution

    How did Borlaug, Nippon I in Tapan, Bangladesh and Ethiopia contribute the most transparent value chains of crops and food security? 

    What contributions to freedom and happiness could be empowered if the 3 halves of the world -women, youth, poorest - with less than 10% current decison-making power of the future

    How did orphans inspire the creation of the most practical financial literacy curriculum and youth world's favorite banking system?

    How can the dollar be ended as international reservecurrency before US youth become the biggest lost generation of them all?


    Can the Sister cities of Budapest and Warsaw save the value of the European Union for all of its youth?

    Can the Pope's curriculum of public servants job number 1 must be ending inequality become the favorite subject at Khan Academy? If so which partbers does Khan need now? 


    you can vote for existing questions or propose new ones  -in the latter case we will need to confirm a public link to you. Many thanks - setward of The Economist's curriculum of Entrepreneurial Revolution, youth capitalism, open education and end poverty 

    Book of World Record Job Creators

    Urgent question from Bottom Billion: Can you help identify the greatest Bottom-Up and youth professionals networks ever mobilised -sample of top 10 links

    9Sir Fazle Abed - BEST VILLAGE ENGINEER EVER -nobody in The Economist's (first 43 years of searching) both's engineers and audits the 3E's of microfranchsing with such relentless love (empowring self-confidence of all involved) as sir fazle abed and the world's largest and most collaborative grassroots networks BRAC. BU Inventions include - para-health, legal adviser, literacy and jobs educator for every village ...

    4 Jim Kim 1  2 Healthy Cheerleader of net generation's social movements and value chain transformations (Farmer ... ) Cool Koreans Free UN's valuation of youth

    W4E/F4D - videos 1  2  3 


    Chris MacraeJoin The Linkedin Diaries of Job Creating Net Generation

    Concepts for redesigning 4 value chains of obama yes we can generation - 1 education

    Chris Macrae

    MOOCyunus -linkin next billion job creating entrepreneurs of net generation

    Probably the most exciting moment for American youth this century was around the time obama made this inauguration speech. 
    This was not about partisan politics- it was about futurizing http://normanmac 

    Puddle lets friends pool money together, to save with and invest in each other. Anyone can borrow money from the puddle, and everyone benefits as it's paid back. Learn how your money can support you and your friends.

    Failing to Failing to mediate what 99% of youth want to live 

    help search links to who's changing value chains of 4 of most critical of market purposes to Youth YE1 education YE2 energy YE3 health YE4 exponentially sustaining  banking professions 

    In November 2015 Atlanta will twin with cities and youth around the world who want to make job creating expose more valuable to co-host than The Olympics? Can you help plan connections round 1) 4000 student, mentor and investor auditorium? please help us colect a library of national future debates led by pro-youth champions -eg 1 

     Youth Capitalism Movement in Memory of The Economist's Norman Macrae




    Two of the most productive youth networks for the 21st C started out of africa in 1999- around kenya's jamii bora and Joburg's free university movement "Maharishi"


    Africa's 2 greatest youth Impossible-Possible movements (unless you have an alternative nomination -rsvp

    .Many people thought it would be impossible to transfer the hi-trust bangladeshi vilage women banking model to youth in urban slums. In 1999 Ingrod Munro started the impossible-possible idea now mapped as best for youth world banking. What if by starting with orphans and "gangster youth" she could appeal to the gansgters with mothers as the lucky ones- how about if they rebuilt kenya in honor of their mothers instead of spreading fear across communities. Hence Jamii Bora- the first bank in africa to be transacted on mobiles; the simpe offer : show us you can earn something and we will keep on doubling your loan as much as you choose; and if you can reform a whole gang we'll make you a member of the banking staff...


    Ten years later Ingrid Munro was asked to New York to help train JP Morgan in hi-trust banking and african youth can save the world

    summary of maharishi uni.doc summary of maharishi uni.doc.. The Maharishi tour of USA 21 may to 7 july Re: Congrats: Featured on Forbes

    -can you help greet Maharishi in : New York? Seattle? Your Twin Youth Capital of Job Creating Olympics?

    ideas welcomed washington dc 301 881 1655 Norman Macrae Foundation - Youth Capitalism and Open Educatio

    Do you know anyone who is forming a microbank to invest in youth and leaders and twin capitals so that job co-creation is celebrated as the defining social and economic movement of the net generation?  Mail to join practitioners of youthworldbanking (puddle 240 who's co-puddler who 4 flannery, 2 rodriguez) 2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc  2030nowjimkim2transcripts.doc, 40 KB

     Failing to mediate what most men want to live 


     2015 is the end of the first wave of millennium goals- the leadingforum for net generation to define their post 2015 goals is run by ...     Atlanta Nov 2015 is inviting every city's job-creating youth, mentots and investors to benchmark how to twin future capitals in valuing job creation expos as more valuable to celebrate interacting round than any 20th C olympics or sporting world cup.

    Published by The Economist Intelligence Unit in early 1990s, DoNow chartering is the most transparent network of practices yet found for any social movement designed to intend around a collaboration purpose capable of advancing the human lot -it involves clarifying how every component of a global-local market value chain needs simultaneous change for all concerned to win-win


    Conscious Capitalism $64 Trillion Dollar Curriculum - Purpose of Hi-Trust banking 99% of humans need
    Who was missing from cast of first social good summit-mooc?
    9 minute mooc - youth futures depend on whether ceos sustain or destroy value chains
    Which trillion dollar markets have even one ceo leading best for youth futures
    will media barons ever learn to value connections between likes and dislikes?
    The Future History of Social Business Since 1976
    how does conscious capitalism relate to valuetrue exchange
    VT & collaboration entrepreneur revolution of micrifranchies and bottom-up value chain mapping
    VT and the compound risks of unseen wealth
    The Economist & Bangladesh - VT & 1976's 2 great calls for wholeplanet redesign of 21st C systems :
    3 most important metrics of pro-youth economics: goodwill, sustainability, transparency
    Book Introduction to economics of youth




    2018 is the 175th anniversary of The Economist being founded to end poverty and capital abuse of youth; 2025 is the deadline set by the Economist's pro-youth economist who founded the curriculum Entrepreneurial Revolution 1972 to debate how to co-create the next 3 billion jobs of the net generation; his 1984 book was the first to call for rehearsing millennium goals; he estimated that what global village systems were designed around the whole planet's peoples would be irreversible defining the futures of our children by 2025

    Some of the network of practices friends of Entrepreneurial Revolution are busiset in chartering to end of 2015 are picture







    Evie Evangelou

    Goodwill Ambassador of

    Co-founder and global chair of Fashion4Development has devoted her exuberant career to the international arena of cultural diplomacy; she has been the face of and international spokes-model for beauty and fashion enterprises; has championed the careers of artists from around the globe in fashion & beauty, visual and performing arts; has spearheaded diverse creative ventures & projects in fashion, entertainment, the arts and philanthropic causes.

    Read More


     4E’s Board of Directors is a distinguished group of Women/Men leaders whose strategic decision-making and guidance steer the organization. W4E is a non political, non ideological organization working to create awareness and Stop violence against Women and Girls globally and that fact is reflected in the make-up of the board. The commitment of W4E board members is not only evident in the time they contribute as volunteers, but by the fact that the board members generously underwrite

    all administrative costs.

    Naila Chowdhury

    Founder & Chairperson

    Naila Chowdhury is a leading management professional from Bangladesh. She has served in a UN agency as well as several multinationals, locally and globally (Norway, Thailand, Ukraine, Malaysia, and Pakistan). She has closely worked with Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus for more than 15 years. Her core focus now is women’s health and economic empowerment through modern information and communications technologies. She is also an Advisor for Ashoka Support Network Members.

    Read More

    Samina Chowdhury

    Co-Founder & Co-Chairperson

    Samina Chowdhury is a million dollar Agent in Bob Lucido Team LLC. A Realtor by profession for last 10 years.

    She joined Real Estate in March 2004. Since then she is the proud recipient of the following awards which are as follows : Top Agent (2006 and 2009);Keller Williams Quadruple Platinum Award (2006);Triple Platinum Award (2007). 2005 bronze award, 2006 Top buyer agent by team, 2006 quadruple platinum award by Keller Williams.

    Read More

    Tanzila Rab

    Co-Founder & Board Director

    Tanzila Rab, Financial Advisor turned Jewelry Designer, whose hand crafted pieces are ethically produced by craftspeople, mostly women, from all over the world through an initiative to help them be financially independent. By globally showcasing the exquisite workmanship, the lives of many beautiful women, each as unique as their jewelry, are filled with pride.Her core focus is to economically empower women especially from Asian countries. She mainly works with women in India, Bangladesh, Srilanka and Thailand.

    Read More

    Cassandra Seidenfeld

    Cassandra is a graduate Columbia University 2013, a Professional Actor, and an athlete. She is also active philanthropically. Cassandra joined a startup New York based novelty Import Company. At that time, the company had 6 items it worked with. In her second year, she became a partner and over the 10 years she was there, Cassandra helped grow the company from 6 items to 6,000 items. She left her interest in 2003 to pursue her academic interests.

    Read More

    Coumba Toure

    Mrs. Coumba Touré is the founder and President of Advanced Development for Africa (ADA) Foundation. Born in Mali, Mrs. Touré began her education in Russia where she earned a Masters Degree in Microbiology. Subsequently, she went on to the Institute of Virology in Hamburg, Germany, and finally specialized in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at John Hopkins University in Baltimore.

    Read More



    happy 2014 - help needed with twinning youth's future capital diaries of billion jobs collaboration

    We (elders and youth of the net generation) could now be valuing a wholly different planet

     if top 11 who's Free Education who knew how to collaborate with each other

    -thanks Norman Macrae Foundation - Youth Capitalism and Open Education Planet


     After 40 years of work at The Economist, Norman Macrae's first project was to set up World Class Brands for media experts who believed it could be possible to empower youth with smart educational media instead of powering over citizens with PR and tv ads imaging over reality - so what would Norman celebrate asyouth's most joyful and collaborative brand movement of 2014-2017?

     help with planet mooc 2013 review of year


    khan academy - what curriculum will youth value most 

    About Curriculum of Global Grameen (Bangla for Village):

    Keynes Final Essay in Persuasion  " Ending Poverty is core job of economics"; Schumacher Ending Poverty is a "global village" crisis of empowering network solutions through millions of villages; 1975 Macrae of The Economist starts up the massive collaboration curriculum Pacific Century  : to map why 7 billion beings' whole planet needs  (to celebrate raising 2 billion as yet underproductive people's but potentially rapidly developing livelihoods) - by 1984 human's greatest  opportunity is to co-create open education BUT man's compound risk is announced as "discrepancies in incomes and expectations of rich and poor nations . For the sake of youth economics as well as peace it recommended the world's biggest public broadcasters join early internet designers in ending this risk by searching for over 30000 microfranchises sustaining 3 billion community regenerating jobs; Macrae's last update of this curriculum 2008 Consider Bangladesh- download brochure used by The Economist at his remembrance parties.

    Who's Free Edu Who

    The world's 2 most collaborative microfranchising networks were founded out of Bangladesh in 1972 as BRAC, and 1976 as The Grameen Project led by Muhammad Yunus. 1978 Soros starts to innovate MIcroentrepreneurialBillanthropy in Cape Town and by 1996 he offers Dr Yunus and MIT technologists a social business loan so that 100000 village labs can test mobile connectivity; in 2008 he founds  to rethink economics from the ground up

    Curriculum of 21st C Peacemaking

    [1webs include blecher  ; chowdhury  ; foerster at   ; javalquinto , CIDA since 1999 Taddy Blecher in Johannesburg has show that educators can create millions of jobs with youth - how can we help him with his work and how's this connect with your work;macrae family has argued since 1972 that the net generation can make tremendous human progress if and only if educators, economists and all who make the biggest resource integrate youth job creating into the way their worldwide purpose and impact is valued


    part of summary after action briefing

    1:52:21 AM] chrismacraedc: thanks for inspiring us at yesterday's group skype
    [11:52:51 AM] chrismacraedc: I am sending this by skype and email- may I check out an idea to see if its workable
    [11:53:41 AM] chrismacraedc: taddy -would it be possible to summarise in about 10 lines some of the things you now know hopw to do so that I could put them in front of the young organisers of the world bank youth summit
    [11:54:44 AM] chrismacraedc: i have a particular context : I want them to brainstorm a top 5 youth networking agendas that ll youth summits could connect between now and cape town 2014 and atlanta 2015, and I am hoping that they will say that one of the top 5 is a map of ehere education is creating jobs
    [11:55:39 AM] chrismacraedc: the next world bank youth summit is not long a way- its probably july and will be in new york- they will be partnering the UN envoy of youth whom Nsaila has connections with
    [11:56:27 AM] chrismacraedc: I have been told by the young organisers in the world bank that jim kim believes in youth movements and has told them that this is their summit format to connect what eldrs in world bank cant
    [11:57:24 AM] chrismacraedc: so its quite an unique opening, and what I want to do is start the brainstorming of the top 5 maps youth need in Dc this january while we can also invite stident groups to discuss this
    [11:58:25 AM] chrismacraedc: youth has not been involved actionably in aid or social entrepreneurship at all in washington dc for complex reasons to do with this being the epicentre of fund raising and lobbying not searching for knowhow youth need to collaborate around
    [12:00:11 PM] chrismacraedc: by the way naila was moderator of the panel of world bank awarding youth technology prize and i believe a nigerian applying technolgy to education won the prize; naila has also told me that nigeria is one of the countries where the first ladies of the world know who their most trusted connection is


    additional afternotes: 

    taddy today you mentioned Rockefeller is big in scaling education in many of the ways you are pioneering in 6 locations
    I am not sure if there asia program is connected the same way but shafqat is a long trusted friend in Dhaka and I believe his youth tech networks are building ilab dhaka around specifications partly or mainly from Rockefeller
    the one million jobs plan including 6 job creating universities and 14 million k to 12 entrepreneur curriculum of blecher is discussed here; restructuring partners of's SME and apprenticeship channels include google who has so far delivered 65000 free customised sme business webs; branson has incubated his entrepreneur curriculum in and this has now been extended to jamaica (rave review from open tech panelist at world bank youth summit) and is coming soon to UK


    Linkin search of hi-trust economists who : progress the next generation's jobs/livelihoods by mediating the future of humanity's most collaborative (win-win) goals -this has been the purpose The Economist chartered since 1843-

  concludes the greatest good fortune of the 2010s would rise if youth summits were designed to linkin twin capitals of billion job creation freed by the greatest open education entreprenurs and to joy of youth celebrating community's greatest heroes 



    Out of The Economist since 1972 Macrae's viewpoint Entrepreneurial Revolution argues that the net generation can make tremendous human progress if and only if educators, economists and all who make the biggest resource integrate youth job creating into the way their worldwide purpose and impact is valued join in ...

    help cnn help youth find the most valuable job creating heroes

    help Atlanta (from CC to Nobel ) and New York net-generate 21st C sing for harmony and hope

    help ineteconomics help educators find most trusted job creating economists

    1984 : over the next 40 years, the first net generation 7 billion livelihoods will depend on order of magnitude more economic sectors

    which trillion dollar audits will prove most critical - eg education, professions, mass media, open access digital, health, energy, food and water, regional brands and public servant?

    7 6 5 4 3 2 1


    Help map the Entrepreneurial Revolution Curriculum of who understood hi-trust economics most (future systems youth most needed designed and invested in)  during The Economist's first 7 quarters of a century 1843-- 2017




    • Soros
    • Bangladesh 2.1
    • Berners Lee
    • China 2.1
    • Blecher open edu partners in South Africa 2.1




    • Mandela south africa 1.0
    • Gorbachev & Walesa
    • Bangladesh (Abed, Yunus,,) 1.0 and Manmohan Singh
    • Japan and Asia Pacific  : Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, China 1.0




    • Von Neumann (& legacy eg Moon Race)
    • Keynes alumn eg schumacher, boulding and Marshall Plan
    • Japan 1.0
    • European Visions but not sustainable as realities due to non-economic gov rules: EU, NHS, BBC world service




    • Keynes
    • Gandhi with support of Einstein and Montessori
    • US Prime Time industrial age before tv ads (spiralled as our race's east economic media)




    • Gandhi 1.0
    • Coming of US , bankruptcy of UKas reserve currency



    Bagehot - from empire to commonwealth


    James Wilson (alumn of scottish and french schools of entrepreneurship's greatest goals. Fired vested interest MPs. Statistician who launched print medium (The Economist) to question leaders of industrial revolution on how to end poverty, end hunger, end capital abuse of youth)

    7 quarters (approximately 4 generations's 7 billion most brilliant livelihoods of futurising history of the coming of wholeplanet and borderless humanity)

     Who animated which future-history goals out of which places, cultures and practice foci of leadership and market sectors? Nominations welcome - please start with view of what purpose got collaboratively actioned for human futures that would not have uniquely changed at that time or place if they had not lived 

    HAPPY 2014

     help use googledocs like wikis to map: youth jobs summitsopen education ... wikis preparing atlanta's greatest ever youth expo 2015 include CNN heroes of year; 21st C version of i'd like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

    Discussion How would you advise leaders of Young Nations?

    You may find some ideas on this draft proposal for a forthcoming book celebrating what Norman Macrae enjoyed bringing to leaders attentions on empowering youth...

    related discussion: 40 years of notes from archives of entrepreneurial revolution 1-7 at the economist


    10 educators to collaborate around if 2010s is to find every youth's life potential 

    Can BBC2.1 end the anti-youth monopoly of BBC (wonder ER4)

    BBC2.1 -which do the peoples of Brazil, Britain and China value more - celebrating Olympics or Celebrating Nurses  



    Foundation Norman Macrae- The Economist's Pro-Youth Economist

    5801 Nicholson Lane Suite 404 Rockville MD 20852   tel 301 881 1655

    Youth-led Project webs

    2013 = 170th Year of The Economist being Founded to End Hunger

    2010s = Worldwide Youth's most productive and collaborative decade


     How to Advise Hi-Trust Leaders on Growing Young Nations

    -Celebrating Open Society Curricula of The Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolutionary Norman Macrae


    This book offers both actionable future maps to play with and a historical cross-cultural review of how to Mediate for humanity with Norman Macrae's 7 Entrepreneurial Revolution Wonders.



    As well as hi-trust leaders of Open Society, this book is written especially for any teacher, parent or other person who may wish to link in with pro-youth ways of valuing how generations of people spend their time and open mapping of how biggest resource decisions are allocated and implemented to sustain rising exponentials out of every community where children are born


    2013: In the 170th year since The Economist was founded, my bias notwithstanding as his son, most people who know the curriculum of The Economist would vote Norman Macrae as one of its top 5 pro-youth economists. Personally, my votes for  the other top 5 pro-youth economists would be

    1. Scottish      Founder James Wilson, an alumn of Scot Adam Smith and Frenchman JB Say
    2. His      son-in law Walter Bagehot who helped Queen Victoria      mediate change in The English constitution from slave-making empire to      epicentre of commonwealth,
    3. editor      through world war 2 and its immediate reconciliations Geoffrey Crowther.
    4. That      leaves a space which you can vote for or attribute to the collaborative      culture of The Economist which believed like Keynes and Hayek that an      economist becomes less able to mediate the most extremely valuable changes,      the more he or she is publicly celebrated as a guru
    5. Norman      whose work from 1962 was valued most wherever Japanese, Chinese and Other      Eastern cultures adopted his pro-youth views in ways that North West      Empires were invited to openly learn from. We will see that his was partly      due to the irony that in spite of being the only economist at the Messina      meeting founding the EU, the West's tv age's 2 anti-youth monopolies were      not a medium Norman could find      a way to innovate beyond conventional wisdom


    Norman Macrae Eulogy, Youtube entrepreneurialrevolution.avi The Economist Boardroom November   2010

    "This pattern was set by Norman:   total generosity, humor -who will ever forget Norman's   manic sense of the ridiculous including about himself.

     His extraordinary mind combination was theoretical rigour with   complete openness to revolutionary change so that he could swing through life   pinpointing the sclerosis of government or trade union or oil company   behaviour in one era to the revolution of Bangladeshi Microfranchising in   another.  Norman's   abiding enemy was conventional wisdom - that's how to learn (Entrepreneurship) 

     It was back in 1972 that Norman Macrae, first became as obscenely interested in how students experimented with early digital networks, as his hero Johnny Von Neumann had become in computing. Both became obsessed with games or theories that freed people from zero-sum backward-looking professional mindsets

    Norman founded the genre of Entrepreneurial Revolution in time for readers of The Economist to debate pro-youth consequences from the start of the 21st century of

    1. Locally      webbing globally and borderless
    2. Death      of cost of distance thanks to telecomputing - the greatest productivity      revolution of all
    3. Celebrating      what human beings can be with million times more collaboration technology
    4. Investing      in first net generation as worldwide youth's most productive and sustainable      times. Norman started optimistically      listing all sorts of short-term fixes that 20th C macroeconomists had made     and would need resolving if global finance was not to go bankrupt by the      2010s


    Fortunately to help youth collaborate in better for the world futures,  you don't need to be trained in macroeconomics to make most of the biggest entrepreneurial breakthroughs needed to sustain global village communities. You can use Norman's pro-youth framework of 7 wonders  of Entrepreneurial Revolution. If you, and your interpersonal networks, rehearse questions on how to value pro-youth futures in the way these 7 dimensions of human are designed to interact,  your children's children will be happy and free because economics, societies and nature will be abundantly sustainable.


    That was  the vision that Norman asked communities of practice linked in by The Economist to keep on questioning and answering. It was how The Economist itself from 1972 moved on from one of several UK weekly papers to a one of a kind global viewspaper.


    A first curious exercise - which of these 7 windows on pro-youth worlds is most open to play with in the 2010s? If your own expertise enables you to open one of these sources, go for it. Otherwise open education is very definitely there for everyone to get involved with as we hope this book will joyfully involve you.




    2) Open Education

    1) Most purposeful organisational networks

    4) Collaborative Media, Local Community Mobilisation and   Mediation of (Tele)Communications Revolutions

    3) Multi-win economists. professional and public servants

    7) Borderless clean energy, food, water

    6) Health in every community

    5) Grassroots Banking (financial systems) that creates jobs   or sustains peoples most productive flows


     Another Curious Note- IF an economist doesn't know this fact , don't let him advise your nation's leaders

    The second half of 20th century saw greatest growth in nations that moved average lifetime from low 40's to mid 60's - this meant investing in health services of the young!!

    How to multiply this most valuable economic clue now- help celebrate training up the next

    .Remembering Norman Macrae

    discuss valuation video



    Number 1 in Economics for Youth


    Humanity's Final Exam - Old Empires VS Youth Empowers

    My father Norman Macrae's lifetime work at The Economist was geared to pro-youth economic celebrations of 2010s as worldwide youth's most productive time. How can clean energy projects empower this? Will we network successfully so that the abundant green energy web replaces the petrochemical energy chain that is now drowning us in its so very  20th century addiction to carbon? Fortunately the world's number 1 prize network for grassroots energy http:/'/ is run by the Sainsbury family who have also been youth's greatest supporters among shareholders of The Economist

    Bye Bye JR

    1. Thumbnail
    2. ENERGY RELATED STUDENT COMPETITION TEAMS of Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus -other purposes of youth's 10000 greatest job creators: opentech, education, food, health ...  history's greatest 1
    3. Further references and 

    Open Source community franchise- the greatest gamechanger to economics since adam smith started up this intellectual pursuit..........................................................

    We define the service franchise as something that a small team of people perfect in one place or space. It becomes open and community-owned if they decide to replicate the franchise in such a way that (nearly) all the value of the service productivity done in the community stays in the community. When the core component of a franchise is replication of digital code across the web , the cost of distribution in knowledge networked economy  almost nothing. This is a very different economical dynamic than distributing physical things around the planet

    We suggest that collaboration is the revolutionary new innovation advantage of the net generation.

    Open sourcing raises many challenges for the collaboration entrepreneur. Not the least of these is how to maintain quality control so that what the service franchise was trusted for delivering in one community is replicated in its impacts on every community that imports it. We have spent 25 years developing methods to charter franchises -whether these be those which earn the goodwill of the brand that people can multiply the most value with or the next new franchise the world most desperately needs to connect round 

    Discussion of compound opportunities and threats of open source franchising..................................................................................

    Whilst we could ask the question why should human being be so unselfish to bring degrees of separation down on sharing life critical knowledge, we prefer to debate George Orwell's and Einstein's questions of what will happen if enough of us don't open source knowledge franchises especially in the way we mentor our species younger members from 0 to 2 - what prior millenniums called the markets of primary, secondary and tertiary education

    The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant 1984 book on how the net generation could co-create 3 billion new jobs and enjoy many times more productivity and sustainability than youth could ever before imagine. As Keysians, we'd go further. The value of national bonds/currencies today should not be primarily rated by how much debt old generations have got into but how well  investment in net generation productivity is reaching societies. If you think through the revolutionary construct of Gross World Product coined in The Economist in the 1970s you can develop multi-win models across nations something that zero-sum paper currencies of national governments and elderly macroeconomists block abundant economics from linking in. If we fail to move to a bottom-up global village economy, then nature's systems or man's terrifying angst will prove hyperconnectivity to be too risky for the human race to flourish



     Q&A on: Why The Economist of 1972 started mapping 3 billion new jobs to be co-created by the net generation and to call this wholeplanet leadership invitation : Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER)

    what's ER's biggest lesson for future of media? America's National Public Radio has a superb series on the economics freedoms that prizes liberate for entrepreneurial revolutionaries

    This reminds me of the 1984 book my father assembled from first 10 years of debating productivity of net generation at The Economist Valuing Net Generation 



    Why 1972? This was the date when father, Norman Macrae,  who edited pro-youth economics at The Economist and I first saw 500 youth sharing knowledge around an early digital network (part of the UK's national development project in computer assisted learning). Not only was it a life-changing moment for both of us but according to the rest of my father's life work- for all 7 billion beings of the net generation. Here was a technology that could openly empower the most productive and sustainable time for worldwide youth    Why did dad spend the rest of his life inviting every hi-trust type of entrepreneur to join in co-creating youth's 3 billion jobs map? Dad was an optimistic rationalist. He knew at times of unprecedented change (as today's post-industrial revolution of peoples becoming more connected than geographically separted) impacts could spin very positively or very badly for humanity. He saw no point spending his time on badwill scenarios.

     How is the 3 billion job map compsoed. Mainly of 3 value multiplyng flows:

    • open technology
    • green energy
    • designing every community to be hospitable for birth of the next child- so that she or he has a fair chance of growing up healthy and smartly interconecting
     .............................................Why did Entreprenurial Revolutionaries value these 3 dimensions as smart for transforming post-industrial revolution  ? The first two (opentech that smartens our ability to serve one another and new energy) are validated by corresponding to times when history has shown a quantum leap in progress of the whole human race. Provided professions innovate multi-win models these sources offer an economics of abundance (eg note knowledge multiplies value in humanb use unlike the industrial revolution's scarcities caused by consuming up things). The third was the most valuable goal father could think of in his 1984 book for  uniting the human race's collaboration. After all, computer power of 2010s is at least a million times greater than when man chose the goal of racing to the moon

    Some of The Economist's special vocabulary designed for pro-youth economists of Entrepreneurial Revolution 

    PRO-YOUTH SEARCHING THE ECONOMIST -user tip choose one only per browser visit


     who gets current awards for linking in top 10000 youth's job creators 


     1000 is our top award - currently only nutrition networkers appear to be among those empowering 1000+ of youth 10000's greatest job creators -join in our 50 practice blogs tracking this race

    My favorite professional mission involves changing brands. Among the 1000 most valuable brands in the world, as my work on world calss brands first argued in 1988 I don't see why any superpower brand that depends most on youth's goodwill should exist in century 21 unless they are spending at least 10 per cent of their marketing and PR budgets oncreating jobs. Note this doesnt mean that such compsnies need to be overpopulated with their own employees- The Economist has alays been a lean company peoplewise - but you can love helping youth creating jobs and making that experience either part of your knowledge networking or part of your service experience and community trust - if you want to discuss this as a brand leader - please email My greatest amateur love is changing education. I for one wont be happy as a parent until education leads the 1000 awards of helping connect 10000 of youth's greatest job creators.  We also suggest that after all the dismal loss of trust that eventually spun o0ver 15 years of making the number 1 millennium goal conference microcreditsummit, that future goals youth most want to co-produce might better be linkedin round microeducationsummit

    THE FUTURE'S HISTORY............................................................................................................................................

    Young people today have unprecedented  chances to decide on sustainable choices for the future provided they are free to explore one inconvenient truth about the West's 20th century. That is how the purpose of economists and media men was increasingly to own the only (systemic) way to rule the world- and to do so in ways that disinvested in youth's futures.

    For sure, several generations of my family are biased in making this recommendation. In 1943, my dad had a lot of time on his hands spending his last days as a teenager navigating RAF planes in world war 2 over modern day Bangladesh. He reread Keynes 1935 General Theory over and over. Its last pages concluded that elderly macroeconomists pose the greatest risk to the next generation precisely because of striving too hard to professionally rule the world with over-standardised mindsets.

    As lady good fortune would have it dad survived the war went up to Cambridge to be mentored by Keynes an his new favorite book became The Economsts' 1943 centenary autobiography. This chronicled a hundred-year journey of mediating leadership views around The Economist's 2 founding goals - to end hunger and to entrepreneurially end abuse of youth by the empire's biggest capitalists. What happened next was the West spent more and more in real terms on tv advertising media.

    A quarter of a century later it was clear to dad from his desk at The Economist that the accidental purpose of tv media had been to turn public servants into command and controllers, to change youth's valuation of heroes, and to devalue cultures and nature's deepest historical lessons on diversity. All of this is promoted by decision-making powers who are racing towards designing a world ruled by the big get bigger not the economical get more economical. Yera by year after world war 2,the first generations of the tv advertising age became addicted by fear and other  'hidden persuaders" spun round  images whose gap from the reality of communally serving one another became greater and greater. Then in 1972 : dad and I first saw 500 youth sharing knowledge around an early digital network. Here was an opportunity to design new media with the exact opposite purpose that tv media had accidentally distracted the human race from investing in our next generations.. Norman Macrae launched the quest for Entrepreneurial Revolution in The Economist to debate with peoples around the world how to transform the next 40 years back to empowering the net generation in the 2010s to be youth's most productive and sustainable time.. Our search for leaders valuing pro-youth economics continues with ever greater urgency at


    Norman Macrae Foundation www.worldclassbrands.tv5801 Nicholson Lane    Suite 404     N.Bethesda     MD 20852Tel  301 881 1655     email
    Which Multi-Win Model could you change the world of business and society with?

    Value multiplying MODELS :

    • Social Business 100%
    • Social Business 51+%
    • Open Source Community-Franchise
    • Transparent value chain mapping
    • Conscious Capitalism
    • Family-owned purpose companies
    • Social Impact Bond
    • Patient Capital
    • Other goodwill-integrated 10-win value exchanges
    • Hi-trust regional sufficiency leadership

    Mediating purpose of whole market

    From the early 1970s, pro-youth economics editors at The Economist invited leaders to join an Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER). All of the 20th century organisational systems needed to change to go way above zero-sum if the first net generation was to be youth's most productive and sustainable time. Such an economics of abundancy was possible, nay essential, as unlike consuming up things, knowledge multiplies value in use and the borderless nature of networks demands transparency in preventing risks from compounding at boundaries where 20th c professions advised managers to separate responsibilities. This brochure catalogues the most exciting multi-win models we have found to date - the ER  search continues with your help

    Social Business 100% model aims to compound the most purposeful inter-generational models.


    SB100 system design

    Of 20th Century's main typologies - corporate, government, charity - only the corporate brand leader is actually free to compound investment in a continuous goal. Therefore financial sustainability of a  positive cashflow model is essential to compounding purpose but what is not needed in the social business is extraction of a dividend. Instead all the surplus is reinvested either in making organisation better at its purpose or scaling its service reach or enriching its job creation platform.


    Those who help finance a social business start-up can take their capital back, and participate in the reputation celebration of delivering a life-changing innovation but do not own the equity. 100% ownership of the social business model is owned (in trust) of those in greatest need of the purposeful goal's achievement


    Social business empowers those who have not had a voice in concept innovation to linkin with the most contextually grounded ideas. Logically it is the game changing model for youth, parents and others in the community  who want to celebrate job creation as the core purpose of education systems. Refer: to Muhammad Yunus  Social Business Prize competition roles in celebrating youth entrepreneurship and progress of millennium goal networks.

    DiscussionWho's capital? Charities and foundations can gain from a sustainable model. Societies looking for a more economical way of delivering social services than top-down government (social privatisation) or inter-government aid. Corporations looking for a more purposeful way to mediate trust in brand leadership than tv ads and lobbyist PR. Communities' savings structured sustainably around Youth investment banking, job-creating education and healthcare, and pro-youtheconomists. Innovation and Conflict Resolution Opportunities? To date the greatest applications of SB100 modeling have emerged from those who intuitively or explicitly wished to change transparency of value chains. This means that SB modelers must anticipate conflict resolution from those who have historically profited from blocking transparency of a free market's purpose. This is one reason why it may take many years of implementation but once communal victory is demonstrated the impact trajectory social business often accelerates along a rising exponential - moore's law progress towards social networking's most vital goals! Microentrepreneurs can mobilise Social Business concept development as most economical when a team can trial and error test small. before replicating success big 

    Threats? A social business's financing can prove anorexic -either in situations like technology where serial investment may be needed or because speculators or others who the social business appeared to remove from controlling value chain strike back at times of leadership succession or other relative weakness of the social business


    Social Business 51+% model balance's pursuit of purpose with entrepreneur's control over her life-work


    SB51+ system design


    The only system design difference between the classical (Yunus) 100% Social Business and SB51+ concerns how much (of the majority of the) equity is placed (in trust) of those in greatest need of the purpose.


    The change is huge constitutionally because once you design a system where some of the equity is privately owned it may no longer be possible to ask for social funds be this from charities or in substituting how government spends its tax revenues, and the volunteer components of production may be diminished


    If you consider the knowledge co-working dynamics of the post-industrial revolution it was argued by Von Neumann, Drucker, The Economist and others that the revolution in abundant economics would depend more on start-ups being human capital hungry than monetarily so.


    Googles of this world were born out of socially networked dorms not capital-intensive structures of massive factories.

    Would google's founders have maintained more control of their life's work if they had invested 51% in trust of the greatest purpose of search?- in effect that's giving a way one potential "doubling" of equity to be grounded in the core purpose of their brand leadership vision. Conversely when Muhammad Yunus' role changed from being banker for the poor to integrating technology for the poor, would his life's work have enjoyed more security if George Soros had asked that his free loan to startup Grameenphone be used to develop a SB51 around Muhammad Yunus' investment acumen?

    Value Chain Mapping As a mathematician I love maps. While a map may purport to take you round the world, its only as useful as its most recent bottom-up updating. Moreover while deep computational analysis may be involved in mapmaking, its only as massively valuable as its usability by everyone it connects. I have spent over 30 years testing organisation's' promises and chartering associates and I have find that absent of mapping the bigger an organisation's promise gets, the less likely it is to keep it.. When it comes to systems designed to achieve millennium goal promises, I have found that I have to go to places like Bangladesh to find best cases of  such bottom-up mapping. That is until the start of 2012, when USAID hosted a 500 person conference at the newseum in Washington DC on value chain mapping. History may show that the biggest achievement of Obama's first administration was to get USAID to start demanding to see such bottom-up maps. The test will be - the first program to be designed since the transparency if this microeconomic knowledge networking culture has taken root.Discussion What does a value chain map do? It seeks to map all the linkages between productive and demanding agents of a market sector - integrating every locality into any global perspective it offers Map Test 1 If you can't see how the poor are either permitted to contribute to production or be served by what they most need from the market, then the map hasn't been produced in enough detail. Or if you cant see how to enter on to the map from your local viewpoint, then again the map isn't ready for use. Map Test 2: markets are composed around productive and demanding tensions which need to be conflict resolved  ahead  of time so that no one side starts extracting from everyone else every quarter. If a value chain map you are looking at fails to facilitate conflict resolution dialogues, its not ready for use. Test 3 - If you are interested in  innovations in ending poverty -or any related millennium goal - then the big lesson I gained from visiting Bangladesh is that you will need to design a ay of changing a value chain to give those with the least more opportunity. What's most fascinating of all is that since 1996 when Bangladesh became the first to introduce mobile phones as a pervasive tool for the poorest women villagers, dozens of gamechanging mobile apps have been designed in ways that free up the poorest from value chains. In some cases, eg cashless banking, the future integrity of the whole market is being redesigned.
        to be continued at and youth associates of The Economist's Entrepreneurial Revolution or Yunus

    download synposis - to economics and the most important question ever asked

    Top 10 Youth Economic Apps of 2012-2013 - source Washington DC Yunus Youth Jobs Competitions Networks
    hotline 1 301 881 1655 email Family Foundation of Norman Macrae - The Economist's Unacknowledged


    Pro-Youth Economics of 10 Nutrition (NU)

    While US YunusSB inspired student social action networks of nutrition are less than 15 months old , they have already identified a sustainable pop-up van model franchise capable of serving any us capital city with food deserts (areas with no affordable fresh food distribution) and energetic youth. Case links include oregongeorgia ..

    Youth-led , community-grounded. economics is urgently re-examining such impacts from nutrition system design as these:

    NU6 A nation cannot sustain urban-industrial revolution unless sufficient banking systems are concerned with capitalising local investment in both urban and rural youth nutrition (The Economist launch 1843, Grameen and BRAC 1970s updated The Economist 3 November 2012)

    NU5 A fast growing nation like china is now ready to trade many trillions of dollars with open nutrition knowledge networks. However see NU1 for future's sustainable nutrition maps.

    NU4 Conversely anywhere with high obesity rates offers a great job creation opportunity for local slow food networking franchises the more deeply cross-culturally and family celebrated the better. USsecondary schools are missing major curricula in this regard as eg Jamie Oliver has revealed in broadcast programs as well as world youth summits.

    NU3 Intriguingly supermarkets who see their deepest communal purpose as nutritional are becoming guardians of the true community-grounded microcredit models - see wholefoods, wholeplanet foundation and Tesco's initiative in starting up grameen europeout of scotland (celebrated last week with Yunus being appointed chancellor a Glasgow University- Glasgow being the only city in Europe that publishes not just one but 2 academic journals of social business- transparency note : one is mainly funded by my father's foundation as a result of dr yunus 70th birthday wishes weekend in glasgow 4 july 2010)

    NU2 The security of nation's peoples-food-energy and machine-energy are interrelated. Throughout the first 2 millennia innovations in machine energy were the number 1 explainer of widespread advances of the human lot. Investing in green energy now is a win-win-win across all nations who do; conversely those nations that don't will find their currencies exponentially collapse for propagating such unsustainable and peace-destroying politics.

    NU1 My father's 1984 book mapped 3 billion new jobs for the net generation to be 10 times more productive than previous generations but before accelerating hpercollaborative/borderless world of web technologies it was hypothesised that investment in replacing petrochemical value chains by photosynthesis ones was absolutely critical to exponential sustainability of future generations. Photosynthesis systems have an added local advantage in cleaning up nuclear messes.

    NU0 Of course, economics of nutrition isnt separable from economics of healthcare. Adam Smith scholars out of Glasgow suggest that the simplest gamechanger of economics of healthcare begins and ends with exploring yunus free nursing college networks and their global village moblisation of open source medical. It is to be hoped that this idea was forever bonded by Opening of London Olympics. Rio next. Related Yunus Superstar-Change Media project leaders: Monica Yunus, Oregon Student SB Champion project 2012.

    My point in celebrating these youth networking findings is that my family does not have resources or time to argue them with elderly academics and vested interests in siloisation. So Norman Macrae Family Foundation prefers to sponsor youth competition networks that just do them. Fortunately the current issue of The Economist has collated the wisest 4 page analysis of what those who rushed to go global with banking could have learnt from the village agricultural and tech learning networks of bangaldesh bilage banking

    Pro Youth Economics of 9 Education ED

    In one sense all yunus social business competitionentries connect to change education . We believe the fewest jobs of the future will be earned by passing degree examinations and waiting for job offers from companies- see paper on future of universities for why job creating educational systems will celebrate youth designing start ups while members of educational networks. However some of yunus student competitions specifically identify social businesses that involve helping secondary schools develop new practice curricula and apprenticeships

    further discussions on changing economics of education 1 

    Coming soon : Banks and currencies

    What if the core foundations of currencies and banking were designed to sustain peoples working lifetimes optimally? This genre of pro-youth economics was started up by Norman Macrae in The Economist with the term Gross World Product -something whise future impacts Norman saw as very different from adding up Gross Domestic Products of Industrial National Economies. At minimum keynes alumni argued that currencies would need to sustain win-win-win interactions of communities mapped across 2 million global villages - both in real and virtual productivity senses that the net generation needs hi-trust models to be the first to blend socially and economically. References : Norman rereviewed the first 100 Hobarts concluding currencies were the number 1 error that 20th century economists wished to re-design. A current debate is being staged round the film your money and life.

    Collab Technology and schools  Future oeroes and mass mediaBottom-up and borderless professions... Beyond the public library- in pro-youth economies, every child woman and an needs access to mi9croentrepreneur incubator and telecentre     


    help us design youth's most economic network


    ideas :

    5 student competitions- projects communally grounded in goals and apps youth want to spend lifetimes co-producing

    4 connected to incubators and other open system resources of capitals that want to celebrate pro-youth economics

    3 linked to 100 leaders of net generation can be youth's most productive time

    2 connected to The Economists 40 year search for entrepreneurial revolution -multi win business models - linked into million times more collaboration technology and clean energy

    1 connected to most purposeful models/maps of futures (of each market sector)

    connected to sector gamechangers:

    health free nursing college linked into mobile monitors


    banking - cashless

    education -free universities, student competitions, other colaboration values of - given that most knowledge multiplies value in use unlike industrial age things that get consumed up

    maps of pro-youth economics, leaders of 2010 s=youth's most productive decade, and search (begun at The Economist in 1984 ) for 30000 solutions to community sustainable world

    youth10000 blogs by region and app

    nings linking in leading pro-youth economists and greatest community solution heroes

    journal of pro-youth economics with special features updating youth competion entries



    Number 1 in Economics for Youth since 1758

    online library of norman macrae - The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant

     Video in boardroom of The Economist inaugurating Remembrance Party series of Norman's Unfinished mission: 2010s = youth's most proudctive decade


    . .

    Leaflet co-edited by Norman Macrae & Dr Muhammad Yunus welcoming Obama's Yes We Can Generation January 2009, republished for Remembrance Party Series 2010,2011,2012,...

    overview of how to invest in net generation create 3 billion jobs -year 30 since normman macrae's 1984 report

    Expect approximately 1 billion to be called mainly collab tech jobs, 1 billion to be called green energy jobs, 1 billion to be called global village economy jobs (aka social economy or deep community jobs) though the positive interactions between the categories is much more important than their separation

    1 billion collab tech jobs- throughout history only new tech and new energy have caused worldwide leap in human lot - economists whose models don't integrate that understanding need to be banished. Note that global markets per se are zero sum games unless you understand how tech can create multi-win models  such as those to enjoy because knowledge primarily multiplies in use unlike scarce commodities that get used up

    1 billion green jobs-green technologies are the new quality and the green web will turn out to offer far more abundance than the dirty petrochemical chain -great ideas include

    • branson's carbow war room wash dc
    • prince charles and sainsbury family worldiwde celebrations of bottom-up green
    • anderson's any industry with a legal future can prfoitably make a half-generation map to go zero waste

    1 billion global village jobs- defined as a the next child can be born anywhere and have a fair chance of maximising her productive life - this involves portal changes to nutrition, health, education, media and banking for youth all of which need to be mapped in terms of opportunities from million tikes more collab technology; moreover nobel must stop separating economics and peace prizes as ending war is not just the greatest economic goal of the early 21st c but a necessary one before death of distance makes us all hyperconnected (ie those who design global and local systems need valuation maps which have zero tolerance for compounding risks at boundaries- an exact opposite of how big professions ruled a world of 20th silos

    END BANKING BUBBLES - DO NOW - regulations of cashless banking will determine which countries grow -note becasue this is an above zero sum game , all can! Foundations must stop tieng up their investments and start investing in social impacts matching what they were fonded for wherever the next generation is intended to carry on the founders sustainable goals

    END EDU BUBBLES - DO NOW Free nursing college (paradigm for communities' most exciting apprentice jobs especially and nursing becomes ever more valued as infotech searcher ); Student entrepreneur competitions (now that few students are going to find jobs waiting for them just because they have passed exams); end monopoly of educators certifying which of a nation's youth are most valuable as 90% of next 30 years is going to be about new info not siloised academic curricula


    END WORST MASS MEDIA - as this causes psychological and economic depression- twin youth's greatest heroes  those who have instantly become world famous overnight because of an entertainment competition with those working at the deputy of communities to spread the greatest good- where media and politicians have been found to be in each other's pocket the public must be freed by demolishing such media and raising the freedom of public media -the bbc versus murdoch remains the test world service case :


    WHOLEPLANET.TV Join search for 100 most trusted leaders of 2010s=youth's most productive decade

    join our worldwide web survey - what would your linkins to net generation world have missed if grameen hadnt existed

    Purpose of Economics- we hold the keynsian view that economics is phoney unless it designs systems that invest in a next generation's productivity out of every community - how else can any place sustain growth? HELP charter other trillion dollar purposes of the 64 trillion dollar global village networking economy


    Our 30-web survey asks 2 primary questions- what would grameen miss without your place's or practice's support- and what would your place/practice miss without grameen


    There is no simpler model than grameen (as conceived 1976 -year of the Economist's first survey of Entrepreneurial Revolution) for a bank to invest in youth because:

    1 that's the future purpose voted for by its 8 million village mothers who owned the bank

    2 its social networking structure was built round hubs of 60 women per centre - branch managers served 60 hubs a week sharing knowhow and new youth investment solutions across "3600 villages' of productive women; then in 1996 mobile phones were introduced to the vilages - initially one per 60 women hub - taking knwoledge networking across branches- grameen's 8 million women today integrate over 100000 knowledge hubs each aiming to maximise next generation's growth

    3 Grameen's bottom-up economics structure ( see complete archives of bottom-up in The Economist

    Bottom-up system design is mathematically essential to hi-trust integration: -the rising exponentials of value exchanges we communally need to perfect for Social Labs (aka Social Economy in 2013 European Union Maps). For another pro-youth economics example, in usa, :100 historically poorest universities collaborate round students with the most trusted permissions to take research of a community's deepest social chalenge - and prototype solutions can be openly networked across all comunities with an analagous crisis; in another example scotland has proposed the free nursing college designed welcoming the most passionate vilage high school graduating girls who want their lifes to serve their vilages health- something that mobile connectivity turns more into a communications job that experts can link into than previously

    4 think of 2 opposite valuation audits - the one that is perfect for compounding destruction of more and more communities sustainability and the other that resolves biggest threats to community sustainability. The first is speculator valuation wgere one sie extracts from all others in a busienss model every quarter; the other designs win-win-win models compounding a specifically designe purpose expressed in an exciting goal to co-produce and co-demand. Youth networking disciples of yunus' model of grameen bring trasparency to this clash of models every day in every action searching for 100 leaders of 2010s=youth's most productive decade

    pro-youth economics correspondents: Japan. Scotland, Asia, Africa, Americas, Europe, Belgium, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, UK, Education, Energy, Healthcare, Economics, Hub, Labs plus 9

  world's number 1 pro-youth economist

    Yunus- 100/1 leaders of 2010s -youth's most productive generation

    FREEMARKET Role - ACTION LEADER of 50 Most Exciting Concepts Youth Have Ever Dreame of Collaboratively Realising

    What would world miss without Yunus

    Yunus is globally most recognised as number 1 pro-youth economist and innovator of the most purposeful goals peoples can invest in. Yunus has noticed that western economists excluded society's most vital demands from every performance measure they compute- a very serious error given Keynes finding that increasing the world is ruled only by economics (ie nations and so youth's future sustainability doesn't exist separately from what global economics rules)

    Historically Yunus' greatest innovations include:

    Creating investment banks around 8 million of the world's poorest village mothers

    Making their number 1 investment the ending of digital divides with everything that can be mobilised across 100000 village hubs of microentrepreneurs;

    It turns out that the best banks for ending poverty are also the best banks for youth job creation everywhere

    Helping Bangladesh youth be a leader in mobile technology's most purposeful uses, and sharing Asia's greatest sustainability solutions every community needs to freely replicate

    What youth collaboration challenges is Yunus centre of

    After 20 of my own interviews with dr Yunus (and another 20 by people sponsored by NM foundation as we circulated Yunus 2000 bookclub and 10000 dvd club) I have compiled a top 50 challenges that Yunus is looking for particular citizens and youth to originate and then share. He also wants a share in all the value this created to be invested back in his 8 million village mothers next entrepreneurial revolutions

    The right hand column shows Norman Macrae foundations next collaboration actions around Yunus top 50 challenges. We compile ideas on what different cities could help Yunus lead at we welcome correspondence if you have ideas on how to help Yunus as one of top 100 leaders connecting net generation as the most productive time for youth to be alive

    Please note at least 2 more of NM top 100 are Bangladeshi. However due to hostile politics we don't currently publish their goals.

    Also please note more detailed cases are published in Journal of Social Business whose launch with 3000 leaders of Dr Yunus choice we committed to within 3 months of Norman's parting as our family's main commitment at Yunus weekend Scotland 4 July 2010

    Norman Macrae Foundation next actions

    latest mailbag on fall 2012 actions on how to help youth and yunus link together the net generation's 50 most productive projects than can benefit from

    Y1 next meet 28 September 2012: Our family in Washington Washington DC is seeing if this capital can stage one of largest student entrepreneur competitions thru 2012-13 - current world leader Tokyo 12000 live youth competition; we also welcome opportunities to connect judge panels of all youth entrepreneur competitions

    Y2 Paris September week 2 - we aim to co-host various NM remembrance parties during the number 1 millennium goals summit

    4th quarter - we are looking to host remembrance parties with Japan and Chinese leaders of Norman's economic maps of Asia pacific century published in The Economist from 1975 on

    Tell us yours next actions rsvp

    Remembrance parties role of honor

    1 boardroom the economist and microgreen's number 1 philanthropic network

    2 S.African Mandela partners in virtually free university education coordinated around Taddy Blecher

    3 Japan Embassy in Asia celebrating Bangladesh's first 40 years of revolutions in sustainability economics and grassroots networking

    Help with shared diaries of yunus collaborations at and

    link-billion green (eg solar biogas zero waste designs ) jobs www.grameengreen,com ; billion colaboration tech jobs ; billion community jobs (eg health education peace job-creating banks) - with norman macrae's (The Economist's) 1984 3 billion job compass for celebrating net generation productivity and millennium goal demands pictured below

    sharing Yunus' 13 greatest gifts to peoples and planet -discuss

    13 made charity sustainable, and aid bottom-up and wholly collaborative

    12 demonstrated greatest sustainable investment club owned by world's poorest mothers -and economics lesson 101: no place or nation can grow unless capital taken from family's savings is invested in next generations productivity

    11 clarified best privatization model promising the return to affordable (e)government and brilliant public service and borderless infrastructures

    10 put youth at centre of exploring how net generation can be 10 times more produtive

    by giving the entrepreneurial purpose of education back to youth

    9 changed the valuation of media (and heroines) back to discovering and championing solutions to most life critical of needs

    8 cracked entrepreneurial revolution challenge (The Economist 1976)- how each global market sector can be feed to value its greatest multi-win purpose by partners in transparent mapmaking

    7 showed business and society models for scaling most exciting service franchises as community-owned and open sourced'

    6 inspired the greatest experiments ever envisioned with mobile tech and grassroots networks of innovation hubs

    5 made the peoples active participation in millennium goal possibilities joyfully cross-cultural and accessible worldwide (ie both local and global staged). This includes the 170 year-long goal of economic journalism: end youth being born into hunger/poverty.

    4 empowered human beings to breakthrough all the crises of compound risk and opportunity that von neumann had foreseen as our generation's responsibility for all future generations

    3 restored the hippocratic oaths of economists and rule-making professional monopolies whom keynes, einstein, gandhi and montessori had foreseen as the greatest system8ic risk to the sustainability of our children's children everywhere

    2 inspired 360 degree viewpoints on how uniting round girl power always offers peaceful escape routes even to the most fearsome hotspots that big brotherdom conflicts

    1 helped youth and leaders collaborate in making the next 3 billion jobs -see

    please contribute to the atlas! wash dc 1 301 881 1655

    24 sept -8 october - hottest ever fortnight of development economics and social innovation debates includes these sidebar issues during muhammad yunus week-long jobs competitions tour of usa  

    how do we stage a once in a generation gathering "microtechnologysummit" around yunus as surely that's what his greatest unfulfilled wish- an open technology special issue of journal of social business is also an absolute priority

    the bankabillion connundrum - regulators from over 100 countries see this as the endgame of microcredit (ie whether productivity friendly banking wins out of debt-led banking and currency) but as yet few leaders of microcredit world are really designing this- I believe i know who comprises the one team that are

    the scottish youth enterprise puzzle- why is it that the scottish philanthropist who first funded bill clinton global initiative is too modest to demand that clinton shares some of his social youth futures projects with scottish youth - hope to find out in a meeting in glasgow next month

    the soros puzzle- why is west disinvesting in youth because of faulty macroeconomic ideology just when technology could have made worldwide youth an order of magnitude more productive 

    phone wash dc 301 881 1655 if you might want to co-host a norman macrae ER 40th year remembrance party with leaders on any of above issues or those concerning 1000 leaders of youth's most productive decade at


    End this depression now- alas poor krugman - but thanks for coefficient 1.3


    If economics is a science, not a terrifyingly corrupting game, then economists like other mathematicians should clarify a handful of most valued principles that their system designs integrate transparently. They would then list other principles which they may want economics to link but need to be reviewed for compatibility

    These are the principles which my father's lifetime work at The Economist commended that all entrepreneurial revolutionaries value


    1) no place can grow unless it structures capital (ie families savings) to invest in next generation's productivity out of that place - the long story on this is told in London Capital Market written in the 1950s which was actually an optimal time to understand both how London had financed successful parts of the industrial revolution around the world but was also losing its competences to serve the uk


    2) only new sources of energy and technology have ever caused widespread progress of the human lot- note in particular world trade is in itself just a zero sum game


    if you design economics around these principles you can then ask questions like this


    who to trust to print currencies and who not to?


    is international trade a good thning and to what extent should national debt be a concern?


    why is it that the union of europeans  have suffered years and years of nightly analysis by people calling themselves economists but who are only capable of putting more and more youth out of work

    Top 10 foci in 2012 of the 29th year of Norman Macrae competition - youth investment banking's 3 billion jobs through 30000 microeconomic projects

    collaboration tech why - 1984 book (summary) ideal future of net generaion - 10 times more poroductivity in 2010 from million times more colab tech

    energy why -

    peace, heroes and mass media

    other revolutions in job-creating education

    changing transparency of professions to multi-win models - key book biography of von neumann

    banks that invest in families and youth productivity - first book london capital market 1954

    land and local justice systems reharding ecology etc

    any practice that needs community microfrancise model - what?

    foundations/funds of 100 leaders of 2010s = youth's most prodictive decade - help our search at


    - 1984-2024 - 
    youth's borderless economics


    Each season we start with breaking news from one of top 100 associates of Entrepreneurial Revolution who have informally linke together since Norman Macrae launched the genre of Entrpreneurial Revolution Futures in The Economist of 1972

    Fall 2012 is from the thintank

    scary thoughts: discuss transformations at ning of Norman Macrae or

    economics determines whether the futures the peoples want are designed or destroyed

    macroeconomists have let so many conflicts into economics systems in last few decades that the experts have become the problem in europe and usa



    As Keynes may have said everyone's interest needs to actively represented in economics - this is the subject that designs or destroys the futures peoples want most

    Entrepreneurial Revolution (ER)  Join in 40th year -ER genre started by my father in The Economist 1972 - of valuing how to change industrial age organisational typologies if youth of net generation are to be free to celebrate productive lifetimes wherever they are born - to help find 100 leaders who most believe that 2010s can be youth's productive decade join us at

    Discuss known system problems with govs

    4 Not good at sectors where hidden costs can be passed on to next generation; not good at sectors where national boundaries add extra costs

    3 not good in sectors impacted by fast changing tech

    2 not good at sectors where employee service needs to value community context

    1 not good at sectors where long-term but iterative investments are needed

    0 in danger of muddling sectors they run with law-making roles of government  

    Discuss known system problems with corporations 

    Note that while the corporate model is the only 20th c model that can optimalise achievement of specific goals by reinvesting positive cashflow- problems include

    3 ownership - where owners are speculators not interested in sectors purpose and risks to society

    2 addiction of many corporations to promoting by advertising has caused many corporations to have wholly lost external service purpose and become systems run for insiders

    1 complete failure by all global professions to model goodwill (including transparency and sustainability exponentials) as extent to which a corporation has multi-win model. This prevents corporations to integrate youth into abundancy economics that million times more collaboration technology would be celebrating in post-industrial economies leaders helping breakthrough include:

    Discuss Charities problems

    3 not sustainable model - causes top people to get more involved at fundraising at top ane ever more distant from original service needs at bottom

    3a often disastrously top-down where funds are exchanged between  top-down governments vbeore they get to serving peoples ; this top-down also prevents empowerment of people in communities to be trained up making them endlessly dependent on aid

    2 have often been weak at partnering allowing their purposes to be greenwashed by uneconomical organisations of other typology

    2a foundations tend to get bogged down in elderly conservative ways instead of involving youth to mediate their cause

    1 often have great difficulty in connecting professional and volunteers especially in those action processes are hardest including most dangerous (or requiring on ground conflict resolution)

    Particular problems by sectors

    Professions (metric. law    )Banking Land/property rights/ peace   Mass Media

    Tech and digital media  Education   Health  Energy   Distribution

    You tell us  - washington dc hotline 1 =301 881 1655 sector to charter gap between purpose people most want and direction being spun by sector's failed economics




    World Class Brands 25th Annual Debrief (2012-2013)

    One of the biggest success factors of the next few years for companies whose branding depends on goodwill of youth or families is how job creation is integrated into the promotional mix

    Designing this involves relevant access to benchmark knowhow of those already leading this economic goal by designing the creativity of strategic partnership vehicles such as

    *student entrepreneur competitions - both traditional innovation and open innovation hubbing around local society as a lab. Our research shows inter-hemisphere franchises being connected by Nelson Mandela partners in south and Muhammad Yunus partners in East with Tokyo scaling up annual celebrations involving up to 12000 students live.

    *specific programs with communities your company has a long term sustainability relationship with -this can also ground mentorship and core skills programs across generations

    *superstars give back programs where superstars learn from each others knowledge and particular lifelong passions in ways that separately agented programs fail to maximise continuity of impact and youth reality

    *foundations that help youth mediate public and private sector partnerships and issues of world leadership including millennium girls - eg Nike Foundation's girl effect collaboration movement

    *first relationship access to investment impacts to future research which in our mobile knowledge economy is likely to converge from areas beyond any singular product R&D or any monoculture or singular regulatory framework (eg cashless banking experiments across China)

    *Sustainability's Expoentials. Our global systems are locally breaching Einstein and Von Neumann's greatest maths challenge - stewarding the exponentials of abundancy economics involves a different professional order from the way industrial age compounded risk at boundaries and assumed zero-sum scarcity in consuming up things. Normans maps on how to use million times more collaboration technology to create 3 billion jobs are ready to be mediated? Will you join this greatest innovation challenge?

    Please contact us to know more.

    Yours sincerely washington dc hotline 1 301 881 1655

    World Class Brands was the first practitioner network which Norman Macrae helped to found after 40 years of work at The Economist. In 1984, Norman was the first to map how the opportunity of economics for the net generation would be to design futures that all peoples/families want most and the risk would be to destroy such futures. World Class Brands is an informal but long-lasting association for seasoned practitioners who believe it is possible to multiply good consequences with media. Since Norman's death in 2010 the Macrae Family Foundation co-hosts optimistic futures parties -linking goodwill multiplying movements from Tokyo to London's St James, from Johannesburg to Dhaka - reasoned to connect those around the world whose leadership decision-making values how and why the net generation becomes the most productive time for worldwide youth.

    The Economist 26 January 1972 The Next 40 Years by Norman Macrae


    dad's last article written in 2008 can be dowloaded here - extract


    Norman Macrae (1923=2010) Family Foundation - 40 years of linking in entrepreneuruial revolutiion networks since norman forst saw 500 students sharuing a digital elearning network in 1972 - see his 1984 book : the first to journalise the future millennium goals of the net generation

    Host discussions on futures peoples want -example free university system wanted by mandela partners out of and coordinated by - green energy networks wanted by sainsbury family and prince charles

    help us find 100 leaders who believe 2010s can be worldwide youth's most productive decade http://yclub100/com - washington dc 1 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc -please tell us of greatest job creating ideas -please demand that europe's most invested media   in social good finds its 21st journalism for humanity
     1 student entrepreneur competitions. Goal: to get professors and students back to innovation solutions with labs interfacing society's life critical needs -once developed how can solution be franchised as mainly open source- so community owns the jobs productivity and the solutions. Competitions test capitals tokyo (largest 12000 youth live) atlanta longest (12th annual practice) coming to washington dc 2012-2013 and why not your future capital2 knowhow clubs for heroes- why can't the world's most expenisve sports and pop heroines have one thing they love regenerating in communities - all it needs is a second kind of collaboration agency to their commercial stages- join the stars developing this at eg or with the world's end fashion designer 3 we have 35 years of proof that when a bank is designed/owned round the needs of 15 million parents they require the bank's investments to be in the next generation in the most exciting ways ever mobilised- any commnity facing a sustainability crisis can learn from this- especially now that mobile cashless banking is coming 4 join our search  started on dad's retirement from 40 years at The Economist in 1988 for the 1000 most famous identities whose pursposes societies value most</